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St. Denis Medical - Ordered to Series by NBC

Press Release
Breaking News | June 9, 2023
NBC has ordered the comedy “St. Denis Medical” to series. (Single-cam)

Commitment: Series order

Platform: NBC

Genre: Comedy

Studio: Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group

Production company: Spitzer Holding Company

Creator/EP/W: Justin Spitzer

Creator/EP/W: Eric Ledgin

NW/EP: Simon Heuer

Director/EP (Pilot): Ruben Fleischer

Logline: A mockumentary about an underfunded, understaffed Oregon hospital where the dedicated doctors and nurses try their best to treat patients while maintaining their own sanity.

Cast: Wendi McClendon-Covey, David Alan Grier, Allison Tolman, Josh Lawson, Mekki Leeper and Kahyun Kim


Note: “Grand Crew” and “Young Rock” will not be returning. No decision has been made on “American Auto.”

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