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SpoilerTV is now covering Games!

Exciting news for SpoilerTV and our media coverage

The divide between TV, Movies, and Gaming is becoming smaller and smaller. Games are now starting to have a bigger impact on new TV Shows and Movies appearing on our screens, so it makes sense that SpoilerTV does the same. 

I’m very happy to announce that we will now be covering Game News, Previews, and Reviews here on SpoilerTV. We can’t wait to discuss the latest games with you all and share our love for gaming. We will cover all of the latest consoles (PlayStation, XBOX, and Switch), PC, Mobile, and Cloud gaming. So you will still get all the awesome TV News, Spoilers, and Reviews as before but now with added content from the games industry. 

Game reviews will be slightly different from how we do our usual TV and Movie Reviews. Due to the uniqueness of game types and amount of platforms they are released on we have decided to review games using the following areas: 


We felt these were the most important areas to cover. Each area will be given a grade out of 10 based on the following: 

10 - Outstanding / A Must buy 
9 - Amazing 
8 - Great 
7 - Good 
6 - Okay 
5 - Average 
4 - Disappointing 
3 - Bad 
2 - Awful 
1 - Unplayable / Do not buy 

At the end of the review, we will look at accessibility and we will give you an overall score out of ten on the same scale with a quick overview statement for those that just want our overall thoughts on the game. Like the example below:

We are excited to try something new on SpoilerTV. Your continued support, feedback, and comments are always appreciated and we want to continue to be your one-stop place for the latest news and reviews across all media.


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