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Physical - Season 3 - First Look Promo + Photos


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Rose Byrne stars and executive produces the highly acclaimed dramedy Physical, which will conclude its run with its upcoming third season consisting of 10 episodes. The season is set to premiere on August 2nd and will serve as the final chapter of the half-hour series. According to sources, the season has been crafted by creator and executive producer Annie Weisman, along with Tomorrow Studios, to offer fans a satisfying conclusion while still leaving certain aspects open-ended.

Taking place in the picturesque yet delicate beach paradise of 1980s San Diego, Physical centers around Sheila Rubin (played by Rose Byrne), a seemingly dutiful housewife who harbors deep inner struggles. While publicly supporting her intelligent but controversial husband's political aspirations, Sheila privately maintains a darkly humorous perspective on life that she rarely reveals to the outside world. She wrestles with a complex web of personal demons tied to her self-image, until an unexpected outlet for her emotions emerges: the realm of aerobics.

“Over the course of three enthralling seasons of Physical, we have been honored to work with Annie Weisman and Tomorrow Studios to bring Sheila Rubin’s journey of transformation and personal empowerment to the screen through Rose Byrne’s fearless, moving, and often very funny, portrayal,” said Matt Cherniss, head of programming for Apple TV+. “We are aware of just how much of an impact this character and story has had on audiences around the world and can’t wait for them to join us on this final exhilarating ride that culminates in an immensely rewarding finale for this celebrated series.”

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