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Meg 2: The Trench Release Details and Preview

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Meg 2: The Trench could be one of this year’s biggest and most thrilling movies as it takes us into the ocean’s depths to find that prehistoric sharks are among the many dangers lurking there. What can we expect from this film and when is it going to be released?

The Popularity of Sharks in Different Types of Entertainment

We can trace our love of shark movies back to 1975’s Jaws, but even before this, there were a few movies with this theme such as The Sharkfighters from 1956 and White Death a couple of decades earlier. However, it was the Steven Spielberg film in the 1970s, with its menacing theme tune and edgy scenes, that turned sharks into a big part of horror/thriller culture and kicked off a series of other shark thrillers. It also led to sharks filtering into other aspects of our lives as they appeared in different areas of popular culture.

This can be witnessed with a look at the online slots UK players can choose from, including Mega Don from Play n’GO, which has a shark theme and special features that bring the sea creatures to life. Wins of Nautilus also has a deep-sea setting. Deep-sea, sharks, and fish are a huge recurring theme in slots which tend to have similar gameplay but no limit to the number of different takes on an aquatic theme.

What to Expect from Meg 2?

Directed by Ben Wheatley, this is an action movie that’s based on the 1999 book, The Trench, The movie is also the sequel to 2018’s The Meg, which grossed over $530 million on a successful movie theater run. It stars Jason Statham as former Marine Jonas Taylor, who is asked to be part of a research team that dives into the depths of the ocean after unusual activity is spotted 25,000 feet below.

This takes them into uncharted territory where an ancient ecosystem remains intact and unknown to humans, although the Smithsonian Institute explains details of some of the IRL deepest fish ever found. In the movie, however, the creatures are trying to get out, meaning that they could cause havoc on the surface. The team runs into trouble when they encounter a dangerous mining operation as well as giant sharks that have survived from the prehistoric era. Wu Jing and Sophia Cia are among the other stars taking part.

Will We See More Shark Movies in the Future?

The movie is set for release in early August this year, and Steve Alten, who is the author of the book, has already suggested it could be a billion-dollar franchise if the transition to the big screen is done smartly. This means that studio executives will be eagerly checking the box office receipts to see if The Trench is as successful as the original.

If Meg 2 is a hit, we can probably look forward to a third installment coming along before too long, while it wouldn’t be a major surprise to see other films about sharks getting made or even re-made, if the theme once again makes waves.
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