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Young Sheldon - German for Beginners and a Crazy Old Man With a Bat - Review

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The end is near for season six of Young Sheldon, and tonight’s episode set up the plot points for the double-episode season finale that airs next week. The question of when George Sr. will be met with his untimely, yet ultimate, demise is still lingering and no hints were provided during tonight’s hour to appease fans in one direction or another. This episode left viewers with a lot of unanswered questions, hopefully setting them up for a satisfying finale that will leave them with a lot of anticipation for season seven. 

Sheldon shares the news about his opportunity to spend the summer in Germany with his parents, and their reaction is about what you would expect. Mary and George tell Sheldon they need to speak to Dr. Sturgis and get details about the program, before they can give him an answer. George thinks the program will be a great opportunity for Sheldon to gain independence and he and Mary decide to allow him to go, until they find out that not only will Sheldon have to travel to Germany alone, the university will not be covering his expenses for the trip. Missy finds out about Sheldon’s trip and is insistent on helping Sheldon find a way to get the funds he needs. Sheldon’s inability to read social cues leads him to think this is Missy’s way of showing her love for him. In reality, she is just trying to get rid of her annoying brother for the summer. Thankfully for Sheldon, others feel the same way as Missy. Dr. Linkletter presents him with a week's pay and a large donation from the rest of the faculty and Pastor Jeff brings him a collection of funds raised by members of the congregation. It looks like Sheldon is headed to Germany. The only question now is whether or not his parents will allow him to go alone. 

Missy has so many leadership qualities and has always been able to stand up for herself and her family, yet her rebellious side is calling to her, making her a magnet for bad influences. Missy is excited when she meets a new friend while working at the video store, who happens to be Pastor Jeff’s niece. Missy is immediately enthralled by Tanya (Sofia Rosinsky), because she is edgy and rebellious and when she shares that she was sent to stay with pastor Jeff because her parents found out she had a much older boyfriend, Missy is absolutely enamoured. When Tanya knocks on Missy’s bedroom window late at night, Missy doesn’t hesitate to sneak out of the house and partake in smoking and midnight galavanting. The girls almost got away with it this time, but with Tanya living right next door, she could likely be a catalyst for Missy heading down an even darker path. 

Georgie and Connie were part of the most comedic storyline of the night. They are put on edge, when they discover that someone has broken into the gambling room and made off with the cash box. Filing a police report is not an option, considering it is an illegal gambling establishment, so Dale decides to take matters into his own hands and provide security for Connie, by pacing around the gambling room with a baseball bat. Dale also tries to play police officer, awkwardly interrogating the customers in an attempt to try and find the person responsible for the break and enter. Connie thinks she is smart by bringing the cash box home with her, until Mandy points out how unsafe that makes them, especially if someone is intentionally targeting them. Georgie and Dale decide to be manly men and stand watch over the house. They spot two people outside the front window, lurking around in the dark and it causes them to stumble around like awkward buffoons, switching the lights on and off not knowing what will startle the suspected prowlers away. The burglars are actually Missy and Tanya sneaking out of the Cooper house, but Georgie and Dale don’t realize that. Dale boasts proudly to Connie that he and Georgie heroically scared the robbers away. Dale and Connie are always a hoot, especially because they don’t hesitate to make light of the ailments that come with getting older, including hemorrhoids, as Dale did in this episode. 

Next week is the season finale and I would love to hear your predictions! Will Mary and George end the season on a happy note? Will Mary traveling to Germany with Sheldon tempt George into taking things further with Brenda? Is Mandy going to accept Georgie’s wedding proposal? Share your thoughts below and don’t forget to tune in for the double season finale next week.

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