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The Equalizer - Love Hurts - Review

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Client:  Fisk sends Robyn to Paris to contact an old flame, Rick Dawson, and retrieve dangerous data.

Fisk is back, and while you can’t take a single word he says at face value or even as the whole truth, his jobs certainly make things interesting.

He wants Robyn to find Rick Dawson, a former MI-6 agent being hunted for killing an agent he was sent to recruit.

He’s been in the wind for years, but the CIA believes Dawson can’t resist investigating the murder of a close friend of his.

The data Dawson’s friend is believed to have had in his possession is so important that MI-6 is willing to cancel the contract.

Robyn’s the only person that can get close enough to Dawson to get him to listen to their offer and agree to help find a file that contains the location of stolen enriched plutonium rings.

I know Fisk thought the possible death of millions of people would be the thing that convinced Robyn to accept the assignment, but I’m pretty sure it was the chance to see Rick again.

Robyn and Rick were not just partners on that recruiting assignment, they were lovers.

Robyn left the assignment without saying anything to Rick and wants the opportunity to ask him what happened years ago.

Turns out that the CIA was right to get Robyn out of there.

The man Rick “killed”, Diego Alcazar, was feet away from killing Robyn and he had to protect her.

It looked like that realization was going to be enough to rekindle their relationship but….the phone rang.

Stupid phone.

The thing that really threw me was the dialog, later in the episode, that indicated their separation happened only 3 years ago. Which was about the time she walked away from the CIA.

I know we don’t have an exact timeline for when she and her husband broke up, but it was just difficult for me to reconcile this affair as having happened after Delilah’s birth.

It’s just one of those weird, probably unimportant, details that sends my brain off on a tangent.

Rick’s knowledge of how his dead friend thought turned out to be invaluable. The bad guys kept getting there first, but, because they didn’t know where to look (or what to look for), Rick and Robyn had more success.

Until Diego reappeared and stole the file from them. Loved the touch of Robyn stealing the file from the CIA. Of course she did.

It was nice to have another action heavy episode.

They didn’t let the romance overtake the action and I was glad for it.

I can’t help it….I love “Mall Cop” as Robyn’s nickname.

Family Life:  Delilah faces discrimination when she lands an awesome internship.

This story was a little heavy handed for my taste.

I prefer it when the writers keep in mind that their first priority is to tell a great story.

If a message can be slipped in, I have no problem with it, but the message shouldn’t overtake the story and here, it did.

Delilah delivered two speeches. I would rather that time had been focused on the character aspect of the choice she made.

So, what did you think about the episode?

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