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Superman and Lois - Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner - Review : Lovesong

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Beware of spoilers for the episode in the article. Please do not continue reading if you haven’t watched the episode yet and you are not okay with being spoiled.

Lois Lane :

This week on the show Lois not wanting to be an intrepid reporter was particularly worrying because she's getting sicker. Being a reporter is a very substantial part of who Lois is as a person but she feels because of her relationship with Peia that she can't keep looking into Mannheim, not having a healthy distraction to keep her mind preoccupied isn't great for her.

I'm glad Lois losing her drive to investigate the Mannheims was a short-lived event and she quickly came around after her talk with Sam. Sitting around at home and not doing anything would probably make her sicker , it's simply not in Lois's nature to give up on being an intrepid reporter.

Clark Kent and Chrissy Beppo :

Clark spent most of the earlier half of the episode trying to convince Lois to keep looking into the Mannheims, something which Chrissy was fully in support of. Clark and Chrissy flew to Metropolis to do some investigation on Peia and they couldn't find anything on her apart from information from the recurring chemo patient lady who said she’d known Peia since she was a child and she is a good person. She said Peia changed at some point but she eventually found happiness with Bruno.

Chrissy pushed a bit too much during the interview which made the chemo patient lady tell Clark he should know better and shame on him. I completely get why the lady felt that way from her perspective. We know Peia is as shady as her husband but most people don't seem to know this, especially people who they seem to care about. The recurring chemo patient lady is at Mannheims hospital which seems state of the art and quite expensive because she is clearly someone Peia cares for. I liked Chrissy’s reaction to flying. I wish they had actually shown us a bit of that scene but I understand why they didn’t for budget reasons.

Music :

I feel like I don't talk about the show's music enough but it's just as good as the VFX. This week we had a somber instrumental cold open montage showing Lois's progressive illness , mentions of a The Cure concert and the show played "The Cure" song Lovesong. Considering the 3rd season's theme about cancer and the season's main villains Bruno and Peia literally searching for a cure to save their love, this was definitely an intentional choice by the show's music department.

In this episode Lana remembered that she had concert tickets for an upcoming The Cure band Concert , something she traditionally did with Kyle when they were married and she forgot to cancel them. Lana asks Sarah to go with her but Sarah isn't interested. Jordan makes Sarah listen to The Cure and Sarah is surprised not only that the band is good but that the band's music seems a bit dark for her mother's tastes. I loved the little moment of Clark being excited when Lana offered Clark and Lois the tickets , but Clark couldn't take them because Lois wouldn't be able to go with him. Clark’s excitement definitely shows the generational disconnect between Lana and her duaghter , Sarah forgets her parents where her age too once upon a time.

Lana Lang and Sam Lane:

It's just dawned on me that these two characters have never gotten to interact, at least not in such a substantial way before. I do like that the show is trying to actively have characters have scenes together who we wouldn't necessarily expect to interact. I would expect Lana and Sam to interact more in an official capacity because she is the Mayor now and Sam is back at the DOD. I’m sure that’s how we got Kyle and Chrissy or even Kyle and Jonathan came up in the show's writers room. I hope that Sam urging Lana to try dating again too will get her to date John Henry , the show has been setting that up very slowly since the beginning of this season. Lana asked a lot of people if they wanted the tickets except interestingly John Henry, which suggests he might be the final choice.

Jonathan Kent and Jordan Kent:

I've been trying to figure out what kind of arc the writers are going for with Jonathan this season and I finally realized this week that Jon wants to be a hero just like Jordan and Clark. But his humanity limits him and there is only so much he can do without powers like his father and brother. Jordan helping someone ended up getting Jonathan in trouble even though I feel the moment Jon saw Jordan fly through the building he should have stayed put at the fire truck like he was told to do, Jon had no reason to actually go near the building at all especially since there were no firefighters on that side of the building.

I didn’t agree with Jon being so mad at Jordan, Jordan only told him about the fire victim's breathing issues because he was conveniently there. Jordan telling Jon that he has heat vision and Jon’s taking coffee orders was really bad but it was also because Jon pushed him, Jordan clearly felt bad about it as soon as he said it. I hope the boys make up soon.

The show hinted at Jon being able to use Steel at some point in season 1 but that didn't go anywhere so I do hope if they give Jon powers , they do it in a fresh and interesting way from Jordan's typical Superboy story. Jonathan also called Jordan Superboy , granted he was mad at his brother it still counts. Interestingly now because of Jon deciding to walk over to the side of the building Kyle will most likely noe suspect there is a metahuman in Smallville or Jonathan is that metahuman.

Natalie Irons and Matteo Mannheim :

Natalie and Matteo make a cute couple in a way where they are almost so perfect together that it’s likely their relationship will probably end badly for them. This week Natalie had a great dinner with Matteo's parents , the Mannheims absolutely loved Natalie. From the small moments with Peia and Bruno revealing embarrassing things about Matteo , the scene was heart warming in only a way where you could sense something bad coming. We also received confirmation this week that Matteo genuinely cares for Natalie and didn't pursue her because of his father. It's a great thing Matteo saw his father for who he truly is at the end of the episode and trying to kill Natalie's father is something he probably won't ever forgive Bruno for especially if he loses Natalie because of it.

Showdown at Little Aces :

John Henry discovers from his alternate Earth sister that Little Aces is connected to Bruno Mannheim and he immediately rushes to save Natalie. When John arrives at Little Aces Bruno instructs his men to take the children away as he has John Henry beat up by his men against Peia's wishes. Peia is initially hesitant to harm John because of Natalie but she quickly "changes her tune" once Bruno tells her that John Henry is a danger to their family. The VFX effects for Peia's powers are really good , they look like an upgraded version of how Arrow tended to use the Black Canary's powers.

Throughout the episode we saw Peia coughing up blood indicating her worsening condition but even then Peia managed to use her powers to immobilize Superman and Steel but at a great cost. She pushed herself too much and she ended up unconscious with Superman having to fly with her to the DOD to get them to save her life. Superman telling Bruno Peia was close to death was the only reason Bruno let Superman take her. Superman now has the upper hand on Mannheim, something Bruno surely doesn't like.

Whilst both Natalie and Matteo know that neither of them knew about their parents history , John instinctively told Natalie not to see Matteo again and took away her phone to protect her. John Henry’s actions will probably push his daughter away. Natalie is no ordinary teenager so it's very likely she will find a way to communicate with Matteo or even use Sarah who talked to Matteo on social media to find him. Natalie looked broken-hearted in that final montage scene and Matteo was shown rejecting his father's hug. The two young love birds are definitely the Romeo and Juliet of this season.

Important Plot development :

Lex Luthor:

I liked that Lois, Chrissy and Clark managed to piece together that Bruno doctored Lex Luther's Boss Moxie murder confession. This served as an interesting call back to Superman confronting Bruno at his house and mentioning hearing a similar static-like sound like on Lex Luther’s taped confession in Bruno's house. It's very likely Peia used her powers like the last time she mimicked Lois's voice.

This also sets up another interesting plot development that Lois and Clark sent an “innocent man” in this instance at least to prison. This creates a different kind of drive for Lex when he gets out of jail , Lex will most likely come for the Kents and Superman. I wonder if the show will go with the comic backstory that Lois Lane actually dated Lex before she started dating Clark. I wouldn't be very shocked if Lex has been preparing for his revenge for years.

Bizarro Superman:

Bruno Mannheim managed to wake Bizarro Superman up from his experiments and he will most likely use him to attack the DOD to get Peia back, we know Mannheim knows the location of the DOD facility since he has already sent one of his metahuman henchmen there before. So a full scale DOD attack is a matter of when not if, especially since I don't think the DOD will let Peia go willingly. I’m wondering if the writers will use this to make the show’s version of Bizarro more comic accurate.


With only five more episodes left for this season things are about to get really interesting, I hope the CW by some miracle renews this series for another season. Even though it seems unlikely since the CW seems to be going in a different direction with their programming. If Superman and Lois is not saved by the CW, I hope the producers are able to shop it to another network.

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