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So Help Me Todd - Are You There Todd? It's Me, Margaret - Review

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In this day and age, it is difficult for a new television series to gain momentum and get picked up for a second season. Shows that do, have to be special. They have to manage to win the hearts of millions of viewers, and keep them wanting more every week. To say that So Help Me Todd did just that, is an understatement. This heartwarming dramedy debuted with a simple premise, dynamic cast, intriguing cases and hilarious comedy that managed to cultivate a following that resulted in tremendous ratings for a pilot season. 

Throughout a mere twenty episodes, viewers have developed a vested interest in the characters, tuning in each week to see how their arcs play out. Character development is pivotal to the success of a show, and Scott Prendergast and his team clearly understand the assignment. All of the characters have gone through trials and tribulations this season that have led them to tonight’s finale- a true full circle moment for everyone, coming together in a hilarious and clever way that has become a trademark for the show. Just when you think this show can’t get any better, it does, and that’s what makes it special. The show consistently exceeds viewers expectations, to the point where they cannot get enough. 

Todd started off the season as the black sheep of the family, reeling from the loss of his Private Investigator licence, living in his sister’s garage, aimless and broke. Throughout the season, he navigated difficult situations, learned some tough, but necessary lessons, and truly earned not only his P.I. licence back, but the respect and admiration of his mother and everyone around him. What better way is there to show Todd’s growth, than to have him take over one of his mother’s cases? Margaret is too sick to attend what is supposed to be a cut and dry settlement agreement, and when Susan and Beverly are too busy to take her place, she asks Todd to step in as her proxy, or “epoxy” as Todd called it. At first, it appears that Todd has reverted back to his impulsive ways when he goes against Margaret’s wishes and refuses to accept the settlement, but he was trusting his instincts, instincts that he has honed over the course of the season and his spontaneous decision ended up paying off. 

Margaret was representing the spectators who were injured, when a brewery parade float went off the rails. Margaret had sensed that the beer company was up to something and Todd, as he so brilliantly does, managed to put the pieces together. He discovered that the brewery workers were trying to unionize, but were being opposed by the floor manager. After a little help from Gus and Lyle, Todd and Margaret realized that the floor manager had rigged the parade float in an attempt to murder the union representative that was driving it. Todd had to stand in at the final settlement hearing, since he had acted as Margaret’s proxy earlier, and with Margaret coaching him through an earpiece, he managed to take charge of the hearing and bring the floor manager to justice, winning the spectators their settlement. 

Fresh off the high of his win, Francey presented Todd with his re-instated Private Investigator licence, a true testament to Todd’s dedication and hard work. The most important achievement that Todd received, however, was his mother telling him that she was proud of him. There was a time when he thought he would never earn his mother’s respect again and now, he has earned her pride and has pride in himself, which is immense growth for his character. The one area of Todd’s life that is still up in the air is his personal life. Things with his ex, Susan, have been confusing all season. He knows he loves her, but up until now he hasn’t felt like he is worthy of her. That has all changed now and when he found out from Francey that Susan had taken off to Vegas to elope with Peter, he knew he needed to intervene. Francey tried to tell him not to ruin things for Susan, but Todd is not that guy anymore. He is fighting for what he wants and he is doing it from a very different place - a place of confidence and strong self-worth. Todd’s final scene had him headed somewhere, viewers can only assume it was to stop the wedding, but it was not made clear. Todd and Susan stans will have to wait a long time to find out if Todd was heading to the airport, or if Susan actually went through with the wedding, considering she has been conflicted about her feelings for Todd as well. Either way, Todd deserves to be happy after all he has been through, so hopefully whatever happens, leads to a happy ending for him. 

Margaret has also done some growing of her own this season. She has always prided herself on perfection and has expected it from her children, especially Allison. After Harry left, Margaret had to try and rebuild her life and find out who she was again. It wasn’t easy for her to come to terms with being a single woman again after such a long time, and it certainly wasn’t easy rebuilding her relationship with her children, exposing herself in such a vulnerable way including telling her children that their deceased father had emotionally abused her. 

Being a named partner at the firm has been Margaret’s goal for a long time, and it is something that she has been working for all season. She has been trying to prove to Beverly Crest, head of the firm, that she is worthy of the position, falling flat on her face each and every time. Tonight, Margaret finally had enough of Beverly dangling the partnership in front of her face and she took a risk. She stood up to Beverly and threatened to quit, if Beverly didn’t realize her worth. Her outburst worked in her favour, as Margaret standing up for herself is exactly what Beverly had been hoping to see from her for a long time. She finally rewarded Margaret with the named partnership, and hearing the title “Crest, Folding and Wright” felt like a dream come true for Margaret. 

Margaret also opened her heart up to love again this season with Gus, until she was hurt that he interviewed for the partner position at the firm and didn’t tell her. Tonight, she needed his advice and though normally tough in her resolve, Gus was able to break through her walls and the two shared their first, passionate kiss. As the two made plans to meet at Gus’s place, viewers were left with a major cliffhanger, when Margaret entered her condo to find her ex, Harry, standing there in tears. Margaret has come so far and accomplished so much without Harry. Hopefully she is able to realize this and doesn’t fall back into familiar patterns. 

Allison also experienced immense growth this season. After living her whole life to please her mother, she finally took steps to reclaim her life and make the changes necessary to finally be happy. No matter how much it is needed, change can be frightening, especially for Allison who has never had her own identity before. As she removed her wedding ring, she found herself in a crisis, struggling to figure out what to do next. It wasn’t until her divorce was finalized, that Allison realized she needed a change and someone to steer her in the right direction. She ended up at a hairdresser, hoping for a change in her look but she ended up getting some unexpected, yet great advice, about a retreat that helps people find themselves. Perhaps the retreat is exactly what Allison needs to find out who she is apart from her mother’s vision of who she should be, and maybe it will allow her to finally find the strength she needs to forge her own path in life. 

It feels like the Wright’s have become part of the family, that it is bittersweet to head into the hiatus, especially considering the length of that hiatus could be greatly extended. Hopefully the WGA gets the settlement they rightfully deserve, so season 2 can commence sooner rather than later. Season 1 has been such a great ride with so much development, I can’t wait to see what the next season has in store for all of the characters. I would love to hear your thoughts, So Help Me Todd fans! What did you think of the finale? Is Todd headed to stop the wedding? Will Margaret fall into familiar patterns and take Harry back? What’s next for Allison? Please share your thoughts below and interact with me on Twitter @MiddleofCanada. Until next season!!

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