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The Company You Keep - All In AND The Spy Who Loved Me - Review

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The Company You Keep continues to shock viewers in the best of ways with twist after twist and more-than-swoon-worthy moments between Emma and Charlie, Hilletti as fans have dubbed them. Read my double review of the last two episodes below, and if you haven’t watched either of them by this point, look away now!

To put things simply, this series continues to blow viewers away, keeping us all on the edge of our seats while simultaneously gushing over the obvious love connection between Emma and Charlie. Right out of the gate in episode four, “All In,” the cat is let out of the bag when Charlie finds out that Emma is CIA. It makes for some good angst throughout the hour, as well as a few near slip-ups that almost have him and his whole family getting made. 

With now knowing Emma’s line of work, Charlie makes a bold move and offers up ten million dollars to Daphne to settle his family’s debt with her once and for all. She takes the offer and the Nicolettis get to work, snatching up the money from a high stakes’ poker game. But with the stakes of the game and the heat on them only getting hotter, it all somehow gets worse, because of course it does. 


Connor shows up and double-crosses Daphne, cornering Charlie and stealing the ten million from him before he can give it to her, and to make matters even more complicated than they already are, Emma and Charlie have a run-in while she’s on the job and he’s driving away from the very guy his girlfriend is tailing. Thankfully, he’s wearing a ski mask, but it only further intensifies Emma’s desire to crack the case on Daphne and what’s going on. She’s getting close to figuring it all out and she knows it, and it all boils over into episode five, “The Spy Who Loved Me.”

As high as the stakes have become, they’re only getting higher while the cons get a whole lot riskier. A poker game is one thing, but Charlie and his family take on an old school James Bond-esque spy in this episode who has been burned and has nothing to lose, or so he wants them to think. The family is still in bed with Daphne and take on a job at her request – her demand actually – where they get a little too close to said spy and almost lose Leo in the process. But with Birdie’s help and chatting in his ear, Charlie makes a deal with the guy — they’ll stay away from the woman he loves if he stays away from them — and it ultimately works, saving them from eating a bullet. 


At this point in the series, there are so many webs of lies and cons and hands in the cookie jar, and characters that are so deeply interconnected it’s almost hard to keep track if you aren’t paying attention. But the chaos of it all is what makes it so fun and so damn entertaining. 

Then there’s the political aspect that is surely about to come to a head now that Daphne has that little black book of blackmail, Emma knows Charlie is working for Daphne, and Connor is off planning who knows what for his next move. Not to mention, Patrick Maguire is still in jail, and I have a feeling things will get a whole lot more dangerous once he’s out. Because you just know he’s going to get out. 


But as always, I will be seated for whatever this show throws at us because it is that good, and I’m sure it’s only going to get better. 


Enjoy my rambling thoughts below for these two episodes…



“You know my secret and now I know yours.” Except, that’s not his only secret and s*** is about to hit the fan!


Yep, definitely don’t trust Claire Fox, or that new social media gal of hers, and neither does Papa Hill. 


CONNOR!!!! I am not exaggerating when I say I let out the most feral squeal over him showing up. My GOD


Birdie doesn’t hate Emma. She LIKES her. 


“If you’re lucky enough to find someone in your life that makes you feel the way she does, you do not let them go. You go all in.” Leo Nicoletti must be protected at all costs. 


Connor is the real villain of this show, but he’s gotta be one of the hottest villains I’ve ever seen. 


Daphne’s mom being dead. Called that one. Wonder if it’ll come up again...


Connor screwing over Daphne is how I get my Daphne redemption arc and I AM HERE FOR IT! Even though she doesn’t exactly need redemption. We just don’t quite know the reasons behind her motivation, or anything about her really, but oh man am I excited to learn more about her. 


I. LOVE. DAPHNE. FINCH. That is all. 


No Ollie in this episode is disappointing, but at least she’s safe from all the craziness for a little while longer. 


No Connor either? *sigh* Fiiiiine.


Charlie and his family still being in bed with Daphne is just wonderful to me. *chef’s kiss*


“You’re a walking contact high.” Maybe I giggled...a lot.


Papa Hill being so worried about David’s involvement with Claire Fox means we should all be worried.


Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. *facepalm*


You were most definitely NOT fine, Birdie.


“I already can’t sleep when you’re not next to me...I love you.” I SCREAMED. The relationship between Emma and Charlie is like a really well written fanfic and I cannot get enough. I swear those two are gonna be the death of me.


Why did Charlie just stand there and not go after her???? THE ANGST OF IT ALL. 


“Let the past stay the past.” That’s usually a lot easier said than done.


“I think we’re done.” No, you’re not Emma. Men are just dumb.


Of course, there’s a hidden alarm. OF COURSE.


Birdie and Charlie make such a great team. I love that brother-sister duo so, so much.


My spidey senses are tingling that something could happen to Leo by the end of the season and I do not like it at all. 


Oh, David. This is gonna backfire so badly. 


Daphne going after Emma and her family, Emma going after Daphne, Charlie in the middle...I love everything about this show. 


“Because I love you, too.” LIVES WERE CHANGED.





What’s your take on The Company You Keep so far? Like it? Love it? Somewhere in between? Drop a comment and let us know!



The Company You Keep airs Sundays on ABC with next day streaming on Hulu. 


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