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Superman and Lois - Too Close To Home - Review : He Is Not Going

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Beware of spoilers for the episode in the article. Please do not continue reading if you haven’t watched the episode yet and you are not okay with being spoiled.

Clark and Lois :

Clark and Lois have been struggling with how to navigate Lois's diagnoses with Clark treating Lois as if she is fragile. l’m conflicted whilst I do agree with Lois that watching over her like a hawk isn't going to help her mental state at all; it might actually make her sicker on the other hand, I also think Clark needs to keep an eye on Lois because she is stubborn and chemo is a very physically taxing medical treatment to go through and things can go south for her fast. The Kent's also have to deal with raising two teenagers on top of that. This episode kind of proved that it's impossible for Lois to take a break from being a mother. Lois also needs to accept that she's human , she isn't in any condition to run around confronting dangerous people right now , dealing with Candice's dad overexerted her. Clark being a superhero also means he can't always be there because there will always be someone in the world who needs Superman.

Clark going after Candice's Dad for assaulting Jonathan and threatening Lois was such a great scene. This is my favorite scene of this episode. When Lois said to Clark on his way out from the farmhouse that "this isn't a job for Superman" and Clark said "he isn’t going . That short line of dialogue showed just how mad Clark was and it helped build the tension for what was coming. Clark is a master at holding back his emotions because if he really wanted to hurt Candice's father he would have destroyed him without question.

Clark, barely moving when Candice's Dad tried to push him and then throwing Candice’s dad onto the diner table by the neck, showed Candice's Dad that Clark wasn't someone you mess with. Clark used his own language against him and it scared him. I liked the small moment with Lana holding Kyle's hand in the diner to keep him from interfering in Clark’s confrontation since she knows Clark is Superman and he can handle Candice's Dad alone.

John Henry :

John, being angry that Clark and Lois have been investigating Bruno Manheim makes sense. John told them as his friends to leave it alone and they didn't. John tracking down his "sister" made for a sad scene , it's easy to forget sometimes that all John has left of his family is Natalie. That's a lot of trauma.

Manheim has his men bring John Henry to his home. Confronting his "sister" in such an open public place turned out to be a bad idea for John and it resulted in Manheim capturing her and using her to blackmail him. Bruno also knows John Henry's secret superhero identity now. John jumping out of the window and flying across the Metropolis night skyline to save his "sister" was really cool. When John returned to Manheim's residence after saving his "sister" , Bruno really showed just how cocky he is. Manheim believes he is always a step ahead of everyone and I feel eventually that will be his undoing as a character. Bruno won't see it coming and now he has created another enemy in John Henry too.

This episode sets up Clark , Lois and John Henry going after Manheim together as a team really well. John Henry is now emotionally invested in taking Manheim down after his actions in this episode. I'm glad the show is doing more with Wole Parks this season. John Henry felt a bit sidelined in season 2 of the show last year.

Lana and Sarah

The fact Sarah couldn't accept her role in what happened with her mother made her come across worse, she pushed her mother emotionally over the edge even after Lana gave her a warning to back off. Both of them were wrong but Sarah not accepting her part and not telling Kyle everything that led to that slap made her look worse. The fact she didn't tell Kyle what she said shows that she knew she also messed up.

Lana has been very afraid to lose Sarah since Sarah's incident and that's reflected how she has parented Sarah over the past two seasons on the show. Kyle telling Sarah what really happened when her mother found her really echoes why Lana has a tendency of holding back against Sarah when she does certain things, for example the Sarah cheating on Jordan storyline in season 2 is something that my mind always goes back to. Lana not questioning Sarah's bad behavior felt very much like she was walking on eggshells with her daughter. Lana and Sarah need to build a healthier mother daughter dynamic together. I'm glad Lana was the bigger person and she apologized first, someone had to. Sarah eventually came around and apologized to Lana too. I hope that this incident helps them both heal and move forward in a healthier way.

Jonathan and Eliza

Watching Jon get punched by Candice's dad was heartbreaking, it made me wonder if Candice's Dad was abusive to her. Candice's Dad hit a child and he also had his daughter selling drugs in season 2 so I wouldn't be shocked if he was also physically abusive with her. Candice makes way too many excuses for him sometimes which gives me Stockholm vibes. He ran away and left his teenage daughter to live alone, so clearly it's up in the air whether he actually cares about her or not.

Jordan and Sam

Jordan is very sloppy as a new hero and letting people see his distinctive hair is something that can result in his identity being exposed easily. Sam had clear pictures of the back of his head, one wrong turn and Jordan's face could have been exposed too. Whilst Sam shouldn't have ambushed him with the haircut, Jordan talking back to his grandfather and walking off wasn't proper to do either. I'm glad Clark and Lois got Jordan to apologize to Sam.

Sam admitted to Jordan that their argument hurt his feelings, there has been so much growth for Sam as a character over the last three seasons and he really wouldn't have admitted that before. Sam changed his mind about the haircut and he instead gave Jordan his first Super Suit. Sam also giving Jordan his father's goggles made the moment even more special. I think this scene is meant to parallel Martha giving Clark his own first Superman suit. I can't wait to see Jordan in action in the suit , I don't think the suit will top Martha's though. I wonder if Jordan will formally take up the Superboy mantle or choose his own name ?.

Conclusion :

Lois becoming a part of one of Bruno Manheim's medical trials is a great way to ensure he doesn't hurt her but also storywise keep her close enough to his business for her to investigate him. Manheim is clearly aware Lois is up to something and it’s only a matter of time until Lois and Bruno have their own face to face confrontation. We’ve already seen Bruno interact with Clark and John.

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