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Superman and Lois - In Cold Blood - Review : Searching For Control

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Beware of spoilers for the episode in the article. Please do not continue reading if you haven’t watched the episode yet and you are not okay with being spoiled.

Clark :

The show's 3rd episode really started with a bang as we opened the episode with a dream sequence of Clark rushing to save Lois. I realized pretty quickly that this sequence was probably a dream. The dream plays into Clark’s helplessness with being unable to save the people he loves. Clark has the same recurring dream about Lois throughout the episode. Clark is clearly being affected by Lois' diagnosis too even though he is trying to be strong for her. It's understandable that Clark would be so shaken by Lois's cancer diagnosis because of how quickly Martha died and also his father Jonathan's death when he was a teenager. Superman can save people from burning buildings but he is powerless against human mortality.

Lois :

Lois is shown telling all of the people she's close to about her cancer diagnosis through a quick “montage” and Sam's immediate reaction is to ask Clark if there is any kryptonian technology that can help Lois. She is struggling with accepting her cancer diagnosis and is focused on getting Bruno Manheim throughout the episode which results in her missing her doctor's appointment twice. Lois is very much about control as a person and her life is spiraling right now, it makes sense she would prioritize her career something she feels she can control. This almost gets her and Chrissy killed by Manheim's gang. I liked that Chrissy called her out , Chrissy really does care for Lois as a friend.

Lois and Sam

Sam breaking down was really tough to see, we've never seen Sam like that. Lois is mostly trying to keep it together throughout the episode and acting as if it's business as usual. The fact Jonathan and Jordan made Lois her favorite food because chemo affects her appetite ,was sweet. Sam interestingly doesn't get mad at Lois for her behavior instead putting the responsibility on Clark, because he knows Lois is stubborn and Clark should know this already. Whilst I don't think Sam should have shouted at Clark , it was an understandable reaction from Sam as a parent. Sam, like a lot of people close to Lois too, also feels like they are losing control due to Lois's diagnoses , it's even worse for Sam as Lois's father.

Lana and Sarah :

Lana and Sarah fighting escalated pretty quickly in the episode as both characters lost control. I feel both parties were wrong in that situation, two wrongs don't make a right. Sarah shouldn’t have talked back to her Mum or said that's why she got cheated on, that was really cruel and insensitive. Sarah was also in the wrong for lying about going to Metropolis , Kyle even tells her everyone else's parents knew where they went so they didn’t get grounded. Lana on the other hand shouldn't have hit Sarah. Lana immediately knew what she did was wrong when she lost her temper and she didn't justify it either, quickly apologizing to Sarah who walked away from her.

When Lana was apologizing to Sarah's empty room she talked about how she didn't want to be like her own mother , so there seems to be a lot of past issues with that which hopefully we will see both characters discuss. I find it interesting as well how when Lana told Sarah to get out of her face she actually continued disrespecting her and made it worse, but when Lois shouted at one of the boys in season 1 and she told them to get out of her face her son withdrew. Lana has seemingly tried to be Sarah's friend and mother and that's where the issue comes from their relationship lacking boundaries. It even goes back to how Lana's response to Sarah about her cheating on Jordan in season 2 seemed more like a friend's response, not a mother disappointed in her daughter's behavior. Knowing about Lana's own troubled relationship with her mother, Lana’s parenting choices make a lot of sense ,she doesn’t want to be like her mother who was heavily implied to have been abusive. I hope they are able to make up but their tension will only get worse from this point onwards in the season.

Natalie and John Henry

Natalie decided to give Lois the watch she made for her mother and John Henry was initially not pleased with her decision even though he said it was hers and she could do whatever she wanted with it. When John first came to the show's main Earth he definitely was projecting his feelings for his wife onto Lois and he eventually came around to accepting that she wasn't his Lois. Natalie has accepted that Lois isn't her mother but she still cares about her deeply , Lois tearing up when she gave her the watch showed just how much Lois appreciated the gift.

John later on in the episode admits to Natalie that he cares about Lois as his friend and he is worried about her too. John has lost many people too in his life so it's understandable that losing Lois would have an impact on him too. John is right there with Clark when Lois goes missing and he saves Clark’s life at Manheim’s Lab.

Jonathan and Candice

The fact Jonathan kept Eliza’s necklace even though it was a gift and wore it consistently throughout the episode wasn’t great. How is Candice supposed to feel about that as his girlfriend ?. On the other hand Jonathan's dating choices aren't really great , Candice's Dad stealing Jonathan's truck and Natalie's necklace was pretty bad. I don't think Candice and Jonathan will last as a couple in the long run, unless her father changes. It wouldn't shock me if Candice's Dad ends up being tied to Intergang by the end of the season. I'm completely used to Michael as Jonathan now three episodes in , the casting department did a great job with the recast.

The Heist :

Jonathan , Jordan and Natalie teaming up to save his truck was such a well thought out sequence. I liked how Natalie figured out how to mask their identities using smoke. Using Jonathan's POV also made the sequence quite thrilling as we felt almost like we were a part of the sequence with him.

Bruno Manheim's Endgame :

We discovered in this episode that Bruno Manheim has warehouses full of Superman's blood and that is what he used to give Atom man powers. Bruno also has access to weapons capable of killing Superman , a fact which explains exactly why he wasn't afraid of Superman in episode 2. More interestingly however Bruno needs a new test subject. Who do you think the new test subject will be ? Maybe Jonathan Kent or Lois Lane.

Conclusion :

This episode continues this season's high quality streak by serving up another engaging episode. I feel it's safe to say this season has made the show appointment television again after a sophomore slump in season 2.

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