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Sullivan's Crossing - Detours - Review

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Sullivan’s Crossing’s annual land blessing ceremony was the focus of the third episode of the hit series. As all of the townspeople worked to put the ceremony together, more details were uncovered about each character and more was learned about this little piece of paradise called Sullivan’s Crossing. The writer’s have been doing a fabulous job of tying in traditional Indigenous teachings and ceremonies, and today was no exception. The annual land blessing ceremony was a love homage to the land that Sullivan’s Crossing is built on, and tied in Indigenous traditions, such as the gifting of tobacco and smudging, beautifully. 
Tonight’s episode picked up right where the last episode left off. Andrew woke up with a hungover Maggie, and began grilling her about her relationship with Cal, much to her dismay. He clearly has insecurities based on his past relationship, but Maggie certainly doesn’t deserve to be his punching bag. Sully certainly did not appreciate Andrew’s attitude toward small town living either. Andrew’s explanation of glamping did not go over well with skilled campground owner, Sully,and his attempt at making a good impression on his possible future father-in-law, just further highlighted his naivety and elitist attitude. Maggie forgave Andrew for his behaviour before he left back to Boston, but it is obvious from her facial expressions that she is having serious doubts about a future with him. When he asked her to go back to Boston with him, she said no and spoke about Sullivan’s Crossing with a new light in her eyes. She has made friends, re-connected with family and has begun to feel freer than she has in a long time. Could it be that Sullivan’s Crossing is starting to feel like home for her again? 

Maggie’s friendship with Sydney has been such a positive light in her life. Sydney helps break down Maggie’s walls and encourages her to let loose and have fun. She reminds Maggie to appreciate the simpler things in life, and is the confidante that Maggie has clearly needed, perhaps without even realizing. Although Maggie has not mentioned any friends back in Boston, it is evident that her high power medical career left very little time for a social life. Maggie tries to shoot down Sydney’s idea to go canoeing, but Sydney won’t take no for an answer and the two struggle but end up having a great time. It was great to see Maggie get back to her roots and reconnect with such a good influence in her life.

Viewers were introduced to Rob’s son, Finn, portrayed by Zayn Maloney, and he is one talented little actor. It is difficult being a single parent, trying to make ends meet, so when Rob has to miss his baseball tournament to help out with the town land blessing, Finn is mad to say the least. Sydney is a great support system for her brother and stepping in to take Finn to his tournament, demonstrates her loving and supportive nature. It was disappointing when she turned Rafe down when he asked her out on a real date. The two certainly make a cute pair. Clearly there is more to her reasoning for saying no to Rafe, just as there is still a lot to unpack about Sydney and Rob’s background and what brought them to the Crossing.

More information was also revealed about Sully in this episode. We learned that the campground was Sully’s father’s dream of developing a place where people could escape from their day to day lives, and Sully made it his mission to carry his father’s legacy on. The mystery of Lola and Sully’s relationship was also divulged, as Maggie explained to Cal that Lola and her mom moved in with Sully after Maggie and her mom left. It is clear that Lola’s reliance on Sully and desire to please him is affecting Maggie deeply. Maggie was never able to have a relationship like that with Sully and although we have yet to figure out why, it is clear that whatever the reason was that caused their estrangement has left permanent scars. Maggie and her father desperately need to have a conversation about their relationship, but Sully’s tough exterior and Maggie’s defensive nature are making it difficult for that to happen. The two need to put aside their stubbornness and make a real attempt to repair their relationship, before they lose out on the opportunity again. 

Some more layers of mystery man Cal’s past were peeled back tonight as well. He shared with Sully how he moved often as a child, and never really felt a sense of permanence. Hopefully coming to Sullivan’s Crossing will help him find a place that he can finally call home. There was mention of a trip coming up for Cal, hopefully it doesn’t take him away for too long. The chemistry between Cal and Maggie is intense, and it is difficult not to notice the way they look at one another, especially in a small town where gossip runs rampant. Their interactions with one another are so sweet and effortless, viewers can almost feel the electricity between them coming through their TV screens. The two were so close to sharing a dance at the ceremony after party, but they were constantly interrupted. When one of the teenage campers, Chelsea, went missing, the two jumped into action with the rest of the town to help find her. Chelsea is a disgruntled teen who was upset about being at the campground, away from wifi and her friends. She had confided in Maggie about her feelings, leaving Maggie to feel extremely guilty that she hadn’t taken Chelsea’s threat to run away more seriously. 

The episode ended with a shocking cliffhanger that saw beloved character, Frank Cranebear, shot by two frat boys who Chelsea had snuck off with to drink and hunt on private property. Afraid to face the consequences of their actions, the boys took off, kidnapping Chelsea in the process. She wanted to call 911 and the boys couldn’t risk her telling the police what happened. Frank lay in a pool of blood as the camera faded to black with the sound of drumming in the background. It will be an intense wait for the next episode. Hopefully Frank will be okay but regardless, an event like this is sure to rock the small camping town permanently. 

Over to you, Sullivan’s Crossing fans! What are your thoughts on the episode? Will Sully and Maggie ever be able to have a much needed conversation about their relationship? Will Maggie be able to put Boston and Andrew in the rearview mirror and focus on a future at the Crossing with Cal? Could Frank really be dead? How will this event affect the community, regardless of the outcome? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and engage with me on Twitter @MiddleofCanada.

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