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Station 19 - Never Gonna Give You Up - Review

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In this episode, we deal with the aftermath of the team overtaking power from Beckett. Leaving everyone afraid to lose their job, but they need to deal with the consequences, right?

So when Ross calls the team in for a line-up, she is pissed. Mutiny calls for an investigation and termination for every party involved. Andy, who has done research with Eli’s help, interrupts her by telling her it wasn’t a mutiny. Recalling a page from the POG, stating that when a captain is incapacitated, the duty falls on the senior man, which she was. She adds that Beckett was physically present, but he was not of an able mind. Everyone on the team could attest to that. It was not a matter of power but a matter of safety.

Before Ross can continue, Andy is saved by the bell. With Ross being their acting captain on this call, the team heads out to find an influencer who fell down a cave while live-streaming. Chief Ross expects a team that doesn’t know how to follow orders but doesn’t get any of that. The team works together as well as ever and listening to orders. Soon the team realizes the influencer might be unconscious from her fall, making her unable to call out. That is when Ross reminds Sullivan of one of their missions where they found someone based on their phone signal. She commands everyone to turn off their lights. Since the live stream is still online, they should see their lights reflected on the stream through the ceiling.

The team gathers together at the spot where the influencer fell, getting ready to lower Maya and Travis deeper into the cave. When Maya panics because she hears about the incident at the reproductive rights clinic, both Travis and Chief Ross firmly speak to her to calm down, which she finally does. The team continues to rescue the influencer and her boyfriend from the cave. While the live stream is still up the influencer makes it her main priority to keep in contact with her followers, and her phone is even more important than her safety. Eventually, Travis has enough of it and calls her out on it, which is live-streamed. At last, they all get out of the cave safely.

Back at the fire-station Chief Ross compliments Andy on her speech earlier, not being a follower but a leader who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Even if it means risking your reputation. Chief Ross wants Andy to be acting captain until Beckett returns. Surprisingly Andy declines the offer because she will only take the job when it is hers to keep, having earned that right. She even suggests Sullivan for the job. Chief Ross then settles on Ruiz for the position of acting captain, complimenting him on his determination to follow through on the fire investigation of the hair salon that burned down in an earlier episode.

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