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So Help Me Todd - Gloom and Boom - Review

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So Help Me Todd returned after a short hiatus, with an explosive (almost literally) episode. It was the perfect mix of suspense and comedy, a recipe that the writers of the show have perfected, despite being in their rookie season. The frequent hiatuses this season have certainly been frustrating for viewers, and it is a wonder that the ratings have not been affected by them. Although there are legitimate reasons for the network’s decision to space out episodes, an inconsistent schedule makes it difficult for viewers to keep track of when new episodes are airing, which could affect ratings in the long run. Thankfully, this was the final hiatus this season, and viewers can look forward to the final few episodes airing back-to-back.

Margaret has had some pretty interesting clients this season, but never one who unintentionally placed her life, and the life of everyone at the firm in danger. Despite being a defence attorney, Margaret is passionate about being on the right side of the law and representing innocent clients, and Jesse is no exception. He is on death row for a murder that he didn’t commit and as his execution time nears, Susan and Margaret work hard to prevent it from happening. A new witness has placed Jesse’s culpability into question, and Margaret has asked the Governor of Portland to grant a stay of execution, unknowingly setting off a potentially deadly chain of events. A seemingly harmless woman who came into the law firm as a walk-in appointment, reveals a bomb strapped to her chest and tells Margaret that she will set it off unless Margaret rescinds the stay of execution. 

Margaret is obviously frightened, but that doesn’t stop her from pushing the envelope with the bomber (Tonja Kahlens), in an attempt to get people to leave the building. When she tells Todd he is fired for his work on the Hedges case and demands he take his things and leave immediately, Todd and Francey put two and two together and realize that Margaret was referring to a case where the defendant had a bomb in his briefcase. Margaret overhears the bomber trying to communicate with someone through an earpiece and her keen ability to read people, allows her to see that the bomber is just a puppet whose strings are being pulled by the real mastermind of this plan. 

Todd, Francey and Lyle make quite the team as they work to save Margaret and get everyone out of the office safely. Thanks to a fancy hidden camera placed in the office by head partner Beverly Crest, the trio are able to convey to Margaret that the bomber’s name is Tanya and she has been coerced into going through with this plan by Jesse’s alleged victim’s nephew, Bowen. Through written notes, Tanya communicates to Margaret that Bowen has taken her daughter and will kill her, unless she follows through with his plan. Tanya disconnects her ear piece and confesses that Bowen is the real killer, and he wants Jesse dead so that he can receive the victim’s inheritance. Things take a turn when Allison shows up at the law office and is taken hostage by Bowen, who has come to find out why his communication with Tanya has been cut off. 

Thanks to some quick thinking, Todd and Lyle manage to stream the feed from Crest’s camera to Susan’s phone. Susan is at the prison with Jesse when she receives the footage, and she shows the video feed to the judge who witnesses Bowen confessing to the crime. The judge grants the Stay of Execution, just as the bomb squad comes to the rescue at the firm. 

Despite the intensity of the episode, there were some comedic moments to take the edge off viewers. Todd and Lyle’s relentless bickering over how to handle the situation was brilliant, especially when they engaged in a cat fight over who would be the one to communicate with Margaret through the hidden camera. Todd’s emergency “Pizza Attack Now,” back-up shirt and Margaret and Francey’s reaction to it was also noteworthy, as was Lyle’s secret IT closet that was equipped with a cappuccino maker. The writer’s inclusion of small but hilarious details is so clever, that the cast must absolutely love reading through the scripts and executing those moments on camera. It was great to see Francey play a much bigger role this episode. The character has so much potential, hopefully viewers will get to see her play a more integral role as the series continues.

Todd’s frightening brush with death had an impact on Susan, who came to the realization that life is fleeting, leading her to reach out and ask Todd to reinstate their friendship. Todd has a huge heart and is all about second chances, which is both a blessing and a curse. In this case, it opens the door for him and Susan to hopefully get closer before the end of the season and possibly set the stage for Susan to finally admit her feelings for Todd. 

Over to you, Toddies, what did you think of the episode? Will Susan admit her feelings to Todd before the end of the season? Share your thoughts below and follow me on Twitter @MiddleofCanada.

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