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FBI: International – Jealous Mistress – Review

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In this episode, we were able to again learn a bit more about Cameron Vo and see the incredible compassion she displays for the victims of the crimes they are investigating, and also get a glimpse into how far Megan “Smitty” Garretson is willing to go to help Scott Forrester.

To recap this episode, the episode opens in Vienna in a ballet company. A ballerina is working with her male lead, and he is being very tough on her. We then go to the company practicing, and they announce that the ballerina, Nicolette Clark, is the Prima Ballerina for the upcoming show. After the rehearsal, she is upset and the director comes to speak to her. She says that others are unhappy that she has the lead, and he tells her to not listen to the trolls and she earned the part. We then see her walking to her car, and she is approached by a man who throws acid in her face.

At the office, the First Lady calls Forrester and Kellett and asks them to go to Vienna and help with the case. Nicolette Clark is a rising ballerina in Vienna and one of only 4 Americans ever placed there and the first to be made a lead. After having acid thrown in her face, she was found by a fellow dancer and is being treated in a local hospital. Smitty tells them there was a rash of acid attacks in the past, and due to strong policing they were diminished. They head to Vienna. Vo seems particularly affected by the story.

At the hospital, the Vienna detective tells them that he is shocked by the attack, as is the community, and he is waiting for clearance from the doctor to speak to Nicolette. They are introduced to the director, Yuri and Alva Boxler, who is on the board. They want to see Nicolette, but she is refusing, and they find out Alva and Nicolette are dating.

While Forrester distracts the men, Vo goes in to speak to Nicolette. She says that she did not recognize the attacker, and asks what is the point finding out who did this when they have already won because her career is over. Vo says if she can remember anything to please contact her.

Smitty and Kellett go to the ballet company and interview one of the other dancers, Kira Sokolo. She says she did not go to the hospital because she is the understudy, and has to be ready to step in. She says that Americans are too emotional. They ask Kira about a note attached to flowers sent to Nicolette that was an insult and she says she recognizes the writing. It is the male principle dancer, Constantine.

Raines interviews him. He asks about the complaints he has had made against him by members of the company and that he sounds like he is a bully, but he says he was her partner and he would not ruin her career and he says who knows, he could be next.

Smitty sees someone she recognizes and goes to speak with him. Piotre Effrement, a diplomat from Russia, is there and says that he is keeping watch for someone who is very protective of Kira. He also tells her that Vladislav Pavlovich, the man who is the brother of the man Forrester killed in Croatia, was found in Budapest and will only get 6 months in jail, but could get more if they are willing to make a deal.

They identify the acid used in the attack as sulfuric trioxide, which is found in many household chemicals. They identify the soil found at the scene and narrow down sites of where it may have come from. The hospital calls and Nicolette is asking for Vo. She gives her more information about the attacker and the mask they wore. She says she has been thinking about all the hours she has given up to dance, and now it is gone in an instant. Vo tells her a story about how much she loved the piano, and her parents did not allow her to pursue it as a career, and that they do not always get to pursue the gifts they were born with, but you can find a new path. Nicolette allows her to come closer and Vo sees the damage and Nicolette asks her to find out who did this to her.

Smitty tells Forrester about meeting with Effrement, and that Vladislav was found in Budapest and they think it was to hunt him. He warns her about working with a man like Piotre, but she says she would like to hear what he has to say.

They return to the ballet and they are in rehearsal as the show is going to continue to go on, with Kira as the lead as she was the understudy. They ask about the troubling reports about Constantine, the male lead. He says the Board of Trustees voted to keep the production on, and that Alva insisted on it. Raines and Vo go to see him and he says the world must go on, and that he has responsibilities and that Nicolette said she does not want to see him.

They find out he is Chief Interior Office of the Austrian Parliament. He says he is the last person on earth who would ever want to hurt Nicolette. They ask Nicolette about Alva Boxler and she says she broke up with him two weeks ago because she could not handle his secrets anymore, but he asked her not to say anything until after the performance. She says he did not take the break up well, but she did not think it was him as she would have recognized his voice, but he did say if she left him, she would be sorry.

Smitty shares with them that Europol has been keeping tabs on Alva Boxler for years, as he has ties to many well known underworld criminals. His predecessor was accepting bribes and rumors are that these men expected the same from Alva. Vo and Raines go to speak with him, and he says he meant she would be sorry because she would never meet anyone like him again, not that he would hurt her, and he swears on his life he is not dirty. He says he is working with the Justice Ministry undercover and the police are not aware because it is an ongoing investigation, and it is need-to-know. He says with the Chancellors Office permission, they are welcome to examine all the records.

Smitty goes to meet with Piotre. He asks to make a trade. Smitty asks for 50 years added to a sentence and Piotre asks for the release of another man, a Russian detainee, who has 2 years left on his sentence. Forrester asks if she talked to Piotre and what he wants, and she says to let her check on a few things first.

They find out Alva is telling the truth and he has received lots of offer and threats to shake him down, but the ones from Leon Oliver jump out, as he was not being granted construction contracts as he had been in the past. His communication stopped the day Nicolette was attacked and he is Austrian with links to organized crime. They get an address and he is not there and they find chemicals and equipment to make the acid and an IED.

They dig into everything they know about Leon Oliver and find a construction company owned by Leon’s brother. Forrester and Kellett go and Leon is there and a shoot-out and car chase ensue. Raines joins the pursuit and Oliver rolls his car. He is arrested.

The First Lady is thrilled that they solved the case, and the Vienna police let them know they have been sent tickets to the opening of the ballet, but Scott says they are not able to accept.

Smitty goes to the opening to meet with Piotre, and tells him that the man he wants released will not be going anywhere, but to tell him that Kira is being bumped from her prima spot to the back of the stage as the Board of Trustees owes them a big favor. Smitty says Kira will remain prima if Vlad gets 50 years. He agrees and says the judge has reconsidered and Vlad is getting 50 years.

Vo goes to the hospital to show Nicolette a livestream of the performance as she wished she could attend. Yuri announces that Nicolette will be a new resident choreographer once she recovers. She asks if Vo’s parents really forced her to give up piano for WestPoint, and she says yes and that while she was mad at the time, it was the best thing that could have happened. They watch the ballet performance together.

There were a few key things that were notable about this episode in particular. The first was a further glimpse into the past and learning more layers about Cameron Vo. We have never heard about her love of music, even when working the case last season with the hostage situation with the symphony. This is also the first we have heard that a career in the Military and then law enforcement was not her first choice. This is very fascinating, as with how she has excelled at both, it is hard not to believe she was always driven to follow this path. It was also so lovely to see her amazing compassion that she has again, like we have seen several times this season. It seems that Cameron has a real soft side, which we have yet to see fully explored. Perhaps if we see further developments between her and Raines, we will have an opportunity to see an overall softer side to Vo.

The other notable theme was the very protective actions of Smitty when it comes to protecting Forrester. It seems that she went to great lengths to strike up a deal to ensure that the man accused of potentially trying to harm Forrester is not released. We still have not learned the full details of their backstory and the time they worked together in the past, and one can only wonder if we will ever find out the full picture and if there was any romance or romantic feelings involved in their past. I guess only time will tell.

One thing is for sure however…the FBI writers continue to keep us on our toes, and continue to add layers of depth and mystery that make us want to keep tuning in and learning more about these characters each week.

Let us know what you thought about this episode in the comments below.

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