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Young Sheldon - Teen Angst and a Smart-Boy Walk of Shame - Review

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Tonight’s episode had the Coopers facing some harsh realities. Mary and George attempted to avoid dealing with the fall-out of their marriage, Sheldon was forced to confront the failure of his database, and Mandy and Georgie struggled to find their footing as new parents in an awkward relationship. After last episode, it was clear that the Cooper family would never be the same. This episode demonstrated just how much the revelations and changes that occurred will impact every member of the Cooper family. 

Mandy and Georgie got a true taste of what being a new parent is all about when baby Constance, charmingly nicknamed Cece, won’t stop crying. When one of the only people able to stop baby Constance from crying turned out to be Sheldon of all people, it is difficult for Mandy not to feel like she is failing at motherhood. Surprisingly, Georgie remained the calm that Mandy needed and provided her with the reassurance that she is doing a great job. The prequel managed to tie-in “Soft Kitty,” the iconic song that viewers of the Big Bang Theory know as the song that Mary used to soothe Sheldon when he was sick. It was heartwarming to hear Sheldon sing it to his baby niece, even though the reason he was doing it was self-serving. 

Sheldon believed he was a laughing stock because his database failed, but Dr. Sturgis said it best when he very bluntly stated that he didn’t think that anybody cared. Sheldon could not understand why the database failed to receive any subscriptions, and tried to look for logical reasons to explain it. He was completely unable to see that his database simply wasn’t appealing to the common man. In order to try to understand failure better, Sheldon attempted to try things that he was sure he would fail at, including soothing the baby and throwing a football. His experiment failed when he managed to perfect all of his tests, causing him to feel extremely frustrated. Sheldon is used to excelling at everything in life, and it is understandable that failing for the first time would make him confused and frightened. It would be great if Sheldon used his failure as a learning opportunity and gained empathy towards others, but viewers of the Big Bang Theory already know that this is not the case. 

Now that George Sr. and Mary are aware of each other’s indiscretions, they will need to confront their issues head on. Mary tried to avoid having the difficult conversation with her husband, using the new baby as an excuse to sleep at Connie’s, but she was only prolonging the inevitable. Mary has had to deal with a lot this season. She was essentially kicked out of the church, which was a huge part of her identity, and it forced her to question her faith. She has been struggling to find a purpose in life outside of her religion, and discovering that Brenda, who she considered a friend, has been having an emotional affair with her husband, could be enough to set her over the edge. Baby Constance definitely made for a good buffer for Mary and George Sr., but there is a lot to discuss about the future of their relationship and they will be unable to avoid having that important conversation for long. 

With all the Cooper drama imploding, Missy was feeling left out and reasonably so, especially since her parents forgot to pick her up after school last week. Everyone has been so self-absorbed with their own issues that they have failed to even acknowledge Missy’s existence. No one even bothered to tell her that her niece was born, until George Sr. explained that the baby was the reason he failed to pick her up. Missy is very perceptive and knows that something is going on with her parents, but no one would fill her in on the family drama. Her frustration manifested into belligerence, which resulted in finally receiving her parents attention, albeit negative attention. When she sees Sheldon receiving attention from their mother, her anger reaches a boiling point and she takes off in her fathers truck. Everyone is still drowning in their own issues to even realize that she’s gone. It will be interesting to see where she ends up and whether or not this will negatively impact her parent’s relationship even further. 

Over to you, Young Sheldon fans…is this the inevitable end of George and Mary’s marriage? Where do you think Missy will end up? How will Sheldon bounce back from his failure? Share your thoughts below and follow me on Twitter @MiddleofCanada.

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