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Young Sheldon - A Stolen Truck and Going on the Lam - Review

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Tonight’s episode revealed how deeply fractured the Cooper clan is. Things continue to spiral for the family so quickly, they haven’t even had the chance to deal with existing problems before a new one begins. As Big Bang Theory viewers know, Sheldon was thirteen years old when his family fell apart, and it appears the prequel will be keeping true to that timeline based on the recent series of events. 

Last week, Missy stole George Sr. 's truck and went on the lam, because she felt ignored by the family. She isn’t exactly wrong in her thinking. Everyone in the family is so preoccupied with their own issues to pay any attention to her. Missy has always felt like the odd one out, and her feelings have been exacerbated by her parents' marital problems and the birth of her niece. It was only a matter of time before she developed a rebellious side, and being forgotten at school was the last straw for her. Missy called Paige to join her on her getaway, because she needed a friend but in reality, she doesn’t have a clue how to be, well, a “bad” kid. She has always had a feisty side, but she’s never broken any rules and she’s certainly never broken the law. She needed someone with experience to go on this adventure with her, and Paige fit the bill. 

Further proving Missy’s belief that her family has been ignoring her, no one even notices she’s gone until they notice the truck missing. In fact, no one has any information to give the police about her most recent activity, because they haven’t paid any attention to her. Except Sheldon, of course, who was able to dictate her every movement to the minute. Even more concerning, is that no one seems to have any idea where she could be going. It becomes very apparent that her family really doesn’t know Missy at all. Thankfully, Sheldon mentions that she could be with Paige and that sends them on the right track. The police locate Missy and despite Paige’s talk about keeping it cool, Missy nervously blabs to the police officer about what really happened. 

George Sr. and Mary drive with Paige’s mom to pick up the girls and instead of trying to figure out what’s going on with Missy that could make her do something like this, they’re too busy blaming each other. Paige’s mom suggests marriage counselling, but George Sr. scoffs at the idea. It is clear that the issues between Mary and George Sr. are pervasive, and possibly beyond help from a therapist. One thing is for certain, Mary can’t keep hiding out at Connie’s place and George Sr. can’t keep avoiding having a conversation about their issues. These two need to have a real conversation about their marriage and figure things out before it continues to affect their children negatively. The thing with a prequel is we already know how the story will end. I guess viewers will have to wait and see how closely the writers stick to the facts as told by Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory. Is this the beginning of the unraveling of the Cooper's marriage? Or will there be an attempt to try and fix things before the inevitable end? 

At the end of the episode, future Sheldon narrates that this was the beginning of Missy’s rebellious years, which foreshadows that things are going to become even more complicated for the Coopers. It is honestly difficult to imagine things getting much worse. Over to you, Young Sheldon fans! What will be the catalyst for George Sr. and Mary to finally make a decision about their marriage? What will the impacts be on Sheldon and Missy? Share your thoughts in the comments below and follow me on Twitter @MiddleofCanada.

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