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The Rookie - The Enemy Within - Review

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Tonight’s episode was dubbed a crossover event with The Rookie: Feds, but it was far from it. Aside from a few mentions of the Feds, none of the Feds characters were actually in the episode. Perhaps the Feds episode will also be focused on Elijah Stone, but “The Con” was more of a crossover than this was and it wasn’t even an official crossover event. At this point, using the label of “crossover event” is clearly a way to draw The Rookie OG viewers into watching the Feds and so far, it hasn’t been successful. Luckily, The Rookie is a solid show that can stand on its own and this episode was no exception. 

Celina read her sister’s case file and realized that her mom had lied to her about where she was the day of her sister’s disappearance. She discusses her findings with Nolan and Bailey, and Nolan decides to help Celina find answers as long as she does it on his terms. Celina’s desperation to find her sister’s killer and discover the truth about what happened is understandable, but the way Nolan is handling it is borderline unethical. There is a detective assigned to the cold case, so Nolan officially questioning the man Celina’s mother was supposedly with when her daughter was taken, makes very little sense. Although Grey did mention that Nolan should let the detective know about the questioning, it was out of character that he would be okay with Nolan stepping in, especially considering that Nolan is a training officer and not a detective. It was also unlike Grey to be okay with Celina being a part of the investigation, and Nolan should have known better than to think Celina could just sit there quietly while he questioned a man that Celina had waited years to get answers from. Celina needs closure and her sister absolutely deserves justice, but she is too close to the case and allowing her to be anywhere close to the investigation is a huge risk that could jeopardize the LAPD from ever finding her sister's killer. 

The episode was heavily touted as what would hopefully be the final take down of Elijah Stone. His lawyer, Monica, almost learned the hard way what Wesley and many others had warned her about, that working for Elijah Stone would get her killed. After she was arrested by the LAPD, Elijah questioned her allegiance to him and held her at gunpoint while threatening to throw her in a wood chipper. Monica made a desperate plea for her life, letting him know that he needed her to get the LAPD off his back. Monica cleverly played both sides, managing to lead Elijah directly into the LAPD’s hands. After everything Elijah put her family through, Angela finally got her one on one moment with him. She could have shot him and ended it all, but the cost to her family was too high so arresting him would have to do. If anyone thought that was the end of Elijah’s wrath on Angela and Wesley, they were sorely mistaken. As Angela slapped the cuffs on Elijah, a message came through his phone, indicating that one of his henchmen was headed to the house to kill Wesley. It definitely looked like Wesley may not make it out of this one alive, but he showed everyone that Angela isn’t the only badass in the household, and managed to take down Elijah’s man with some help from his private security guard. You could almost hear a collective sigh of relief coming from viewers that Angela and Wesley made it out unscathed, but this is definitely not the last we have seen of Elijah as the last scene of him in prison alluded to. Although the storyline has been entertaining, having a break from Elijah would not be a bad thing, so here’s hoping that his stint in prison is long-term, at least for now. 

Monica tried hard to convince Nyla that she was ready to turn over a new leaf now that Elijah is in jail, but Nyla is way too smart to buy anything Monica is selling. Although Monica was granted immunity for tipping off the LAPD, Nyla typed up a report that she will keep on her computer to be used against Monica at a later date if she attempts to get back into business with Elijah. Monica isn’t afraid of the LAPD, however, and at the end of the episode, she calls Abril and offers her services. Monica has had a taste of the crime life and the power that comes with it, and there is no way she is turning back now. 

This episode’s Tim and Lucy content was super sweet and served to further solidify just how committed they are to each other. Lucy signing Tim up to do a good deed and be a Make a Dream mentor out of revenge for a Tim Test, is classic Lucy Chen. She is always bringing out the best in people and Tim is no exception. The two were in over their heads with their young mentee, Cancer patient Jordy Yates, who disappeared on them multiple times, but it allowed them to see what it would be like if they were parents and it was everything viewers would expect- Tim trying to be the stern dad and Lucy, the caring mom. When Jordy confessed that his dad put him up to going to a police station as his Make a Dream wish, so that he could expunge his dad’s 37 traffic tickets, Lucy and Tim were put to the ultimate parenting test. Tim was ready to arrest Mr. Yates, but when he explained that he was drowning in hospital bills and couldn’t afford the tickets and that going to jail would mean he couldn’t be there for his family, Lucy pleaded to the softer side of Tim and he decided not to press charges. 

Tim has a tough exterior, but he also has a huge heart and Lucy knows exactly how to get to that soft spot, making her the perfect partner for him. She knows he is going to make a great dad one day and he knows what a great influence she is on him. They bring out the best in each other, and that is exactly what both of them have been looking for and were unable to find in their previous relationships. There were no intimate moments between the two, but these playful yet serious moments with each other are so much more meaningful, as they demonstrate just how solid they are as a couple and how much love they have for each other. The words haven’t officially been said yet, but we know it is only a matter of time. Let’s hope the writers know better than to make this an off screen event! Chenford fans need those first I love you’s to be a momentous chapter in their relationship and trust the writers will deliver. 

Sadly, the show is gearing up for a month-long hiatus, so viewers will have to wait before their next Rookie fix. For now, I would love to hear your thoughts on the episode, Rookie fans! What did you think of the episode? Is this the last we will see of Elijah Stone this season? What’s next for Chenford? Share your thoughts in the comments below and follow me on Twitter @MiddleofCanada.

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