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The Ark - A Slow Death is Worse & Every Single Person Matters - Double Review

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These episodes pick up with the discovery of both William Trust and the other Arks travelling in space, including one ship, Ark 15 attacking other Arks though at this moment it's not really clear why - unless it's got something to do with the mysterious Project Juno that Trust mentions to Cat in the second of the two episodes. 

In Roman mythology, Juno is the equivalent of the Greek Hera, the goddess of marriage and childbirth. I'm wondering if the motherly connotations of Juno are going to be equated to starting new life on a planet, tying into the animal DNA Lane found before. But considering all the secrecy around the project and various mysteries, it has to be too good to be true and I have no idea what to expect as we head into the endgame. 

It's possible that Ark 15 discovered the truth about Project Juno if it's as bad as it seems which may explain why they're trying to stop all the Arks from reaching their destination. I suspect that Kelly, the survivor on Ark 3 is a plant who will be causing even more trouble for the crew in the weeks to come though right now her interest seems to just be in flirting with Angus. 

It's getting a little hard to keep up with all the various mysteries and conspiracies bandying about the ship. We still don't know the full extent of Baylor and Susan Ingram's role in the ship and what Lane's role will be in the future now he's been demoted and has thrown his lot in with Trust and his wife. When Baylor picked him out as being a potential ally to the cause, would the plan have always been to isolate him from the rest of the crew? 

At least with all the political drama heating up, the emotional arcs of the characters are still steady. It was great to see Felix showing more emotion and fear after finding his husband's corpse on Ark 3 and fearing the worst for their daughter. Considering how crazy this show is getting, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that due to some time-bending sci-fi action, Kelly would turn out to be a grown up version of his daughter. 

Dr. Kabir begins to accept some help for her addiction and withdrawal as well and a few of the characters start pairing off. Alicia and Angus aren't a surprise and it's good to see Eva trying to move on from her deceased boyfriend by hooking up with Brice who is less than happy to see Trust as it's his chemicals that caused his terminal illness. 

What did you think of these episodes? Any theories about Project Juno? Sound off in the comments below

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