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Sullivan's Crossing - Coming Home - Review

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The much anticipated CTV original drama, Sullivan’s Crossing, premiered last night with a strong hour of drama that provided viewers with just enough information to hook them in and keep them wanting more. The show is based on the best-selling book series by Robyn Carr, and features a star-studded cast that includes former teen heartthrob Chad Michael Murray, best known for his role in the WB’s “One Tree Hill'' and Gilmore Girls alum Scott Patterson. Canada’s own Morgan Kohan rounds out the cast as Maggie Sullivan, an esteemed Boston neurosurgeon who has her life turned upside down when a scandal leaves her professional and personal life in shambles. Attempting to pick up the pieces, Maggie decides to leave the big city and returns to her roots in Sullivan’s Crossing, a rural camp town in Nova Scotia, where her estranged father, Sully Sullivan (Patterson) still lives. 

Viewers who grew up in a small community will be able to relate to the allure of the big city, and the desire of wanting to escape townie life for the bright city lights. Maggie was afforded the opportunity to make her big city dreams come true by her wealthy step-father, Walter (Peter Outerbridge). Thanks to his generosity and her mothers similar desire for a bigger and better life, Maggie was able to attend a top medical school and achieve her dreams of becoming a neuro-surgeon at Boston Commonwealth Hospital. Based on appearances, Maggie had it all- a successful career and a steady relationship with her boyfriend Andrew (Allan Hawco). As Maggie is being presented the Rising Neurosurgeon award at a gala in her honour, she is stunned as the police swarm in and arrest her and her boss. The details of the arrest were not yet shared with viewers, however we do learn later in the episode that the charges against her were dropped. Despite that, however, her reputation has been tarnished and with no place else to go, Maggie heads back to her hometown of Sullivan’s Crossing, where she will attempt to put her life back together.

Maggie quickly learns that although not much has changed at Sullivan’s Crossing, it is not as easy to blend back into the community that she once called home. Small town folk have a strong sense of community, and although she is welcomed back with open arms by the town elders, others are not as delighted by her return. It is revealed that Maggie has not kept in contact with her friends from the Crossing, and it is clear that they feel as though Maggie forgot all about them when she created her new life in the big city. Although they are kind to her, they aren’t willing to embrace her presence right away and it is evident that Maggie will have to spend time repairing those severed relationships. When Maggie is invited to a town barbecue, she realizes just how much she has missed, and the memories and feelings that she left behind are brought to the surface. Overwhelmed with her new reality, Maggie decides to go back to Boston, until she receives a phone call from her lawyer, informing her that she is being sued by the family of a deceased patient for negligence. He advises her to keep a low profile, forcing her to remain at Sullivan’s Crossing where she will have no choice but to face her past as she attempts to rebuild her life.

Another lost soul has also made Sullivan’s Crossing home. Chad Michael Murray portrays Cal Jones, a mysterious man who has been helping Maggie’s father, Sully, around the campground. Although not much was revealed about his character just yet, it is clear that he is also trying to escape his past, laying low in small town Nova Scotia. Maggie and Cal do not get off to a great start, he had no idea Sully even had a daughter and she writes him off as a desperate man hitting on the new girl. There is definite chemistry between the two, however, and it will be interesting to see how much Cal will affect Maggie’s attempts to forge a new path for herself. 

With so many unanswered questions, viewers will want to keep watching as the story develops. So much is yet to be unraveled about each character and a lot of important backstory, such as the reason for Maggie and Sully’s estrangement, are yet to be revealed. It will be interesting to see how closely the show follows the book series, but even if it doesn’t, the one-hour drama is heartwarming and relatable and has the potential to be a strong presence on the CTV line-up. 

Although the show is currently airing exclusively in Canada, Fremantle media will be broadcasting the show to other regions soon. For now, I’d love to hear my fellow Canadians thoughts on the pilot: What looming questions do you have? How will Maggie manage to deal with her past while putting the pieces of her life back together? Let me know your thoughts by commenting below and follow me on Twitter @MiddleofCanada.

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