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The Flash - Wednesday Ever After - Reviews

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Well, well, well! Look which creatives finally decided to do right by their main characters and the fan base? You wouldn't believe it unless you watched, so I hope you did. If you were nostalgic for The Flash of old, "Wednesday Ever After" absolutely delivered. Was it a perfect 10? No, but it took a giant first step away from the abysmal eighth season, and has laid the groundwork for what could be a fair and fitting end to the show. Let's discuss!

Barry and Iris

I can't lie. I was absolutely unprepared for the amount of WestAllen spaghetti we got thrown at the wall. And it stuck! It was everything that we have always wanted for them. Domestic- check, Intimate-check, Being great as individuals-check, Being great together-check, Open mouth kisses-check. There's surely something I'm forgetting. Oh, Iris in a bonnet- check. The amount of WestAllen content we got doesn't at all make up for what we've missed since the third season, but it was extremely satisfying. 

In the midst of the WestAllen love fest, we got a good story too! Barry and Iris have battled the enemy of time for years. Whether it was trying to avoid a future where one of them dies or a time sickness, they have always had to deal with losing one another. This time though, time seemed to be on their side. Barry had the future all figured out. He would be around for his wife and kids and Iris would be the media mogul she was meant to be. The one snag he didn't think to consider was how Iris would feel about a pre-set existence-even if it was with the love of her life. He assumed she would want the same things he did. Barry's power to affect time is one he has come to terms with, but obviously not everyone has.

I wasn't sure how I felt about her reaction. The truth is, I was a little mad at her. Barry has lost so many people, so the thought of losing Iris and not being around to raise his children has traumatized him. But once Iris articulated how she felt, I completely understood. Barry's emotions and mental state are always the ones that take center stage, so I had to check myself!  And that is how you make good television folks! Things aren't always black and white and the characters you love make mistakes. Even well intentioned ones.

The resolution to Barry and Iris' conflict made for great banter and the chance for them to grow closer by choosing to face the future as a team. They deserve all the happiness in the world, and it was nice to see them experiece it for a change.

Grant Gustin and Candice Patton have come to the end of their journeys as Barry and Iris. For the first time, in a long time, they seemed to enjoy themselves. Maybe a return to the characters we fell in love with was what they had been missing too.

Joe and Cecile

I love Joe. For real I do, but I'm glad he is leaving. Barry and Iris are good and grown, so they don't need weekly parenting tips the way they used to. Rather than have Joe linger and become annoying, the choice to leave Cental City is golden!

Cecile. Again, I have to ask. Why does she have empathic powers, telekenesis, and now some dreaded, "leveled up" (rolls eyes) version of whatever power she wields now? It's weird and just freaking irritating. Take her with you Joe!

Allegra and Chester

What can I say? I do like them both and was kinda on board with the ship-just a little. Upon further inspection, I'm not convinced. That's not to say that I won't be, but that kiss was a bridge too far for me at this point. Just didn't buy it. I reserve my final judegement for a few more episodes while I measure their chemistry.

Frost or Whoever that was with the blue hair streaks

In the words of Abbott Elementary's Barbara, "Sweet baby Jesus and the grown one too!" What are they doing with Caitlin, Frost, Killer Frost? I just can't deal. 12 episodes to go....

Other Things I Was Thinking

-I loved the repeating sequence scenes. Grant and Candice were great in those!  The jump scaring one another and the pillow had me cracking up.
-Barry's silent scream into the pillow. LOL!
-Wasn't Barry's screen saver of their wedding pic so adorable?
-Tipsy Iris is my girl! "It's 5'oclock somewhere"
-The pool scene and the bridge scene were such nice touches. Barry and Iris need to get out more!
-You see, we don't need to hear the words "Level Up" EVER AGAIN! We saw Barry's enhanced powers just fine!
-Iris with a big gun is always kick ass!
-I''m so mad we didn't see more of Iris' arc to becoming a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist.
-Barry and Iris showing up at the other's job gets major heart eyes from me.
-Barry's new suit and back and forth with the rogue was very comic book like. Loved it!
-Ugh! Why did Cecile get to make the Ground Hog Day movie reference? She is not the new Cisco! Dont' even try it. 
-Heart, Humor, and Heroics wins everytime folks!
-What the hell was that thing at the end? A bat?!!!

I truly enjoyed the kick off to season 9. What did you think? Will the last 12 episodes hold up as well?Let me know what you think in the comments or on Twitter @_NaomiAnna. You can catch The Flash on Wednesdays at 7pm Central Time on the CW.  As always, thanks for reading!

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