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Criminal Minds - Forget me Knots & Memento Mori - Double Review

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Forget me Knots

With the Sicarius case officially closed, the team is determined not to let it go and has to get creative in order to find a way to keep working it. Meanwhile Sicarius is losing his control. Last episode we saw him struggling with the idea of killing his wife, now he was kidnapped a woman that looks very similar to her. Beforehand he has been stalking her and her family in order to be able to blackmail her in order to make her afraid and keep her quiet about him. He is using her to role-play conversations he is imagining having with his wife, Sidney, and seeking validation in these.

While promising he will let the woman live, he does deliver her to one of his protégés. While Sicarius did tries to get the missing persons report dismissed, by letting her call her husband telling him she is okay and needs some time for herself. But due to some good police work they figure out that she is kidnapped and now the entire police department is looking for her. Upon this Sicarius tells his protégé to get away for a while and lay low, but is caught as soon as he tries to leave after a short chase. Spoiler alert, he doesn’t make it out alive.

It doesn’t take long for the team to find the missing woman en reunite her with her husband. While she in one of the few who made it out of the hands of Sicarius alive, she is too terrified to tell them anything about what happened to her. Meaning she is no help at all for them.

Meanwhile Rossi thinks he has found Sicarius on the video footage, but much more than a jawline isn’t visible of him. But that is not all they find related to the case this weekend. Emily does get a visit from Captain Bellard, telling her that Sirus Labrant (Sicarius’ Uncle) was found dead in his home. Also that his house lighted up when they checked it and were able to link DNA from four missing persons to the house under which Maria from an earlier case the BAU worked, resulting in Tara and Rebecca to break up. Connecting to Sirus, Penelope doesn’t find much on him besides the court order to take care of his nephew after his parents died in an apartment fire on second street. After checking the video footage more and not getting anywhere with his latest victim, Rossi decides he needs to go to Seattle and go door to ask people if they recognise the man in the footage. We end the episode with Rossi coming face to face wit Sidney, he is so close, yet so far away.

That is not where I want to end it, because a big part of this episode were the domestic scenes at JJ’s house. And what played out there and especially Henry’s fears might reflect on what we are all thinking this season. We start of with what seems like a normal morning, but when Henry comes back to pick up a book he has forgotten he overhears Will and JJ talking about Sicarius and Wills health. Confronting JJ about it later on, results in her playing hit down and basically telling him not to worry. Henry isn’t convinced and does a little online research of his own. When JJ finds a baseball bat under Henry’s bed, it doesn’t take long for all Henrys worries to come out. Seems like he knew more than Will and JJ thought, but too little too keep him from worrying. And I think we all are a bit worried that something is going to happen to them.

Memento Mori

With Rossi in Seattle going door to door we know the team is closing in in Sicarius, and it doesn’t go unnoticed by either. Rossi is at his house asking his wife if she recognises the man on the security footage, which she clearly does. Before she can give Rossi an answer she gets a phone call form him, asking who it is he is seeing at their at home security camera’s. Upon telling him that it is an FBI agent and who he is, he convinces her Rossi is dangerous and while she demands answers from Sicarius she does what he says in order to get Rossi out of their house.

Sicarius, Elias Voight, is starting to show how dangerous is actually is. Playing a game of cat and mouse with Rossi, first by showing up at the police station, talking to him about Rossi’s books, but also giving him all his personal information to try and convince him he is not their main suspect.

Elias is also feeding his wife lies on why the FBI is after him, why he quit his job and basically not to trust anyone but him. Rossi keeps trying to get in contact with Sidney, talking to her, trying to make her doubt all she knows about Elias, when he triggers something in her she flees the store and Rossi goes after her. Resulting in Elias filming Rossi and publishing it on the internet. Because of it Emily is forced to take Rossi out of the field and take his badge and gun.

Instead of going home Rossi is on stake-out in front of Elias Voight’s house. When he invites him in, he also makes a joke on having a women inside the house. A comment Rossi cannot ignore, he searches the house and finds Voight with two glasses of wine, continuing their cat and mouse game. Rossi keeps profiling him, while Voight keeps playing resulting in a struggle and Rossi pulling on the short end, and is becoming his next victim.

Meanwhile the team has a photo line-up ready for his last victim to identify Elias Voight as Sicarius. But they are unable to reach her, so Garcia thinks Tyler Green would be able to help them. He apparently still has his own agenda, and tells them he doesn’t recognise anyone. Tyler managed to get a phishing link on Rossi’s phone through a voice message from Garcia. So he follows Rossi to Seattle and starts a stake out on Rossi and eventually Elias Voight too.

Back at the BAU, they realise that they cannot contact Rossi or Tyler and Garcia’s finds out Rossi opened a phishing link and the voice message is heard at the office. While at first only JJ and Luke are send to Seattle, Garcia is forced to join and JJ is asked call in a favor from DC metro for support resulting in Will joining the team to Seattle as well.

Now Rossi is taken by Elias Voight he is bringing him to a spot to kill him, now being followed by Tyler as well. Going to the spot the first shipping container is found. Instead of killing Rossi there on the spot, they are interrupted by Tyler Green and forced to move to another spot. Upon confronting Elias Voight Tyler gets shot and Rossi gets to live another day.

Meanwhile the rest of the team put some pieces together and are being rerouted to the location of the first shipping container, there they do find Tyler, but Rossi and Voight are long gone. Rossi is put in another shipping container, still profiling Elias Voight. It is also where the team is informed through a livestream that he is still alive. Elias thinks he has one more thing to do and then they will never find them. The team has to let him go in order to find Rossi alive. Is this the end? We will know by next episode.

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