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Criminal Minds - Dead End (season finale) - Review

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The big questions we had at the beginning of this episode were; will Rossi survive and will they catch Elias Voit. To both we have an answer, but believe it or not, closing this case seemed to have opened a door to so many more questions.

The attorney general makes it clear that she doesn’t want to negotiate with Voit about a getting out of jail free card. That is until she hears he knows about ‘Gold Star’, then she believes the team should let him go. Making us all wonder what Gold Star is and what the stakes are. They discus the possibilities and things they can do, and determine that in the event of the deaths of Sidney, Voits daughters and Rossi it could be written down as necessary collateral damage. Proving it is serious and potentially dangerous business they are talking about with Gold Star. But we are not there yet.

Meanwhile Rossi still being trapped in a shipping container. By now he knows that Voit is keeping taps on him through a live video feed, which we later learn Rossi starts using in his advantage. But first he starts searching the shipping container for anything useful to plan his escape. Firstly he finds a way to break into the feed and contact Voit himself. Meaning he is able to keep profiling him, but also in order to give hints to the team, I suspect he knew that his team would find a way to watch it as well. When Rossi told Voit all he had to, he cut the cables and disconnected the feed definitely. Then Rossi keeps working on his escape plan and builds a bomb to forcefully open the containers door. Only to find out the container is placed underground, meaning he is still trapped inside, and does need some help to get himself out of there.

Voit and his family arrive at a vacation home in Burney California, in the middle of the woods with barely any cell service. When the team at the BAU magages to get in contact with Voit he only wants to talk to Bailey, pissing Emily off. She thinks he screwed up, but since he made himself the face of the investigation Voit has taken it upon himself to start profiling Bailey. While the conversation doesn’t get anywhere, Bailey manages to get under Voits skin, that is when the rest hears about Gold Star for the first time as well.

Garcia manages to cross reference more background information on Voit and magages to find a vacation home that could be the location Voit is hiding at. Bailey tells Emily he needs to be there as well, and demands nobody does anything until he gets there.

While Sydney tries to comfort the girls, she does have some doubts herself. And when she finds Voits own kill kit. She doesn’t trust him anymore and calls him out on it, this triggers something. They start fighting but the girls interrupt and before they can continue he spots patrol cars outside

Not knowing they have been spotted everyone takes positions around the house, while Bailey goes up to the front door to talk to Voit, basically inviting himself in. With his radio off, the team tries to figure out if Bailey and Voit have a connection, but come to the conclusion it is a shared secret. The conversation between Bailey and Voit is cut short when Voit shoots him in the head.

Outside Will has eyes on Sidney and the girls, who are trying to escape through the window. JJ tells him she will cover him, but surely not good enough since he gets shot in the vest after they get the girls out and Voit storms in the room and starts shooting at the officers outside. Everyone is pulling back to create a safe distance between them and Voit before Sydney can escape, he then pulls his weapon at her but when he tries to fire it is empty. Leaving him unarmed and easy for the team to arrest.

Rossi is still missing and Voit doesn’t want to give up any information and only willing to speak to the attorney general. They get Sydney to talk to him, even locked up he keeps manipulating her. Even though we don’t see him telling her, we might assume she got to him and he did. Because not long after they get to Rossi in the container and fee him.

We end the episode with Voit being put back into an interrogation room, heavily guarded at an empty floor. The question we are left with at the end of this season is who is coming to see Elias Voit?

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