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The SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition 2022 - Winner and Final Words

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And so another year of the competition comes to an end, and an eighth different show enters the winner's circle...

After last year's absence, Warrior Nun returned to the competition in 2022 and swept through all its rivals. Warrior Nun, like Wynonna Earp before it, is fascinating in having previously appeared but not having won, only to come in and earn the trophy. It also has the quirk that, during the competition, its status for future years changed with the show's cancellation. It feels strange to say commiserations to the winning fandom, but it does feel in order here - I hope this win can provide some form of consolation.

Here's the full ranking of every show to ever compete across 12 editions. Our 20 debutants this year takes the overall tally to 244.


Click here to view the ranking in a new window

It's been a slightly different time of year for the competition, but I hope everyone enjoyed it in the run up to the holiday season.

A few people to thank. Firstly DarkUFO for his continued support throughout the competition, and his general upkeep of the website which makes the competition possible to begin with. Thanks to CJ for again designing the trophy graphic above. A huge thanks to Dahne for her fabulous management of the competition last year while I was too busy to run it. And a continued thanks to Rendy - who I'm not sure frequents the site any longer - for his wonderfully clean and easy to use design of the competition bracket many years ago.

But most importantly, thank you to you, the fans and readers of SpoilerTV. Without you, no one would nominate their shows, no one would vote in the polls, and there would therefore be no competition to run. Your continued involvement keeps things like this going. Whether you voted in every poll or just one, whether your show finished first or 64th, whether you've read the site since 2007 or you've just discovered it through this competition - thank you for being here and being a part of it all.

And if you have only just discovered the site, stick around! We keep you up to date with all the latest news for all of your favourite shows, alongside terrific feature pieces such as Scene of the Month and Performer of the Month, plus our excellent reviewers pen their thoughts across the TV landscape.

Congratulations again to Warrior Nun. Can it maintain that success next year?

Only time will tell.

For now, it is our champion.

And until next year, namaste...

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