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The Cleaning Lady - The Ask - Review

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After a short break, we are back with even more trouble piling up for Thony and Arman. 

Warning : spoilers. 

One door closes...Robert has always wanted to get rid of Arman. He tried slowly breaking his pride and self-worth by making him work for him, but when he came up with a new business with Thony that could fill his pockets even more, Kamdar had no choice but to tolerate his presence. The key to their business - and one that caused problems to Cort├ęs back then - was to find a way to get the drugs across the border. Bosco was that key, but it has been teased from the start that crossing Sin Cara was a dangerous move that would sooner or later cost lives. We have been warned multiple times, and yet, I was hoping that Bosco would miraculously survive the attack. But nope, he didn't even have the strength left to say something - anything - before passing away. 

Bosco, you will be missed. This might sound wrong, but I loved hearing Arman blame himself for involving Bosco, and getting him and his entire team killed. And I also loved that Thony cut him short, and reminded him that she was the one who started this when she asked for his help. They always have good reasons behind their choices, but it all comes at a high price, and the body count has been rising lately - and having them take a second to put words on that was nice. Honestly though, at this point I'm pretty sure that Arman's male friends are cursed, so Bosco was probably bound to die...Sin Cara is a problem they'd have to eventually deal with later - but as of right now, Kamdar demands answers, and with their plan, business, and drugs gone, they became worthless to him again. 

In the meantime, Fiona had to take Luca out of hiding to bring him to Thony for further testing as he's getting sick again. After enlisting Doctor Saroyan to analyze the blood she drew from her son, Thony receives heartbreaking news - as feared, the little boy developed a rare medical complication - and with the situation they are in, she can't afford the medicine that could heal him, nor get access to it without leaving the country. 

There were honestly a few too many close calls lately with Luca, and I find myself wondering how much more he can take before it becomes too much...That being said, he's still the bravest little human who faces it all with a smile and barely complains - and thankfully, Doctor Saroyan was nice enough to provide morphine to keep him as comfortable as possible while Thony comes up with a new plan. 

Bad news never come alone, and here enters Isabel Barsamian - I'm so glad we got to see her again. I hope we'll get to see her brother soon too - because when you think about it, aside from the money, Hayak's entire empire is gone because of Arman. Not that he was supposed to inherit it in the first place, but still, I think he would want to seek revenge at some point if he manages to leave the Armenian military. Right now though, as hard as Nadia has been working to attract new members to the club, they still aren't making enough money. And now that her father's criminal activities aren't casting a shadow over her anymore, Isabel wants to move on and finally build a family with her husband. La Habana is up for sale, and Arman once again has to face the fact that he has nothing left. It still hurts me deeply that he'll never own La Habana, but as I already said a couple weeks ago - it might be best for him to build everything from scratch, and start over as well once this is over - though we all know more trouble will be knocking at his door once Kamdar is gone. 

The FBI also hit a dead end. Garrett still wants to take Kamdar down for murder, and the copy of the ledger Thony got him in the previous episode didn't give them enough to arrest him. When it comes to the marriage certificate she showed Arman, he wasted no time to confront Nadia about it - and we found out that she filed for a divorce a year after she married him out of gratitude for everything he had done for her. Unknown to her was the fact that Robert never signed the divorce papers and that they still are married as of this day. 

...another one opens. Arman knows everything is coming down on him - and the biggest threat to his life right now is Kamdar. He's finally taking matters into his own hands again - and is counting on Nadia's help to get close enough to finally kill his enemy. She has always been on his side when his life was in danger, and with the possibility that she'll inherit everything Kamdar owns - after some doubts - she seems to be warming up to the idea. 

And Kamdar fell right into Nadia's trap - heck, he jumped into it with both feet. The man is so blinded by the hope that he could gain her back that their plan might very well work better than they could imagine. What he doesn't know or doesn't want to admit, is that Nadia never loved him. She feels endebted to him and grateful for giving her the opportunity to forge her own path - but she'll never want to be the woman by his side. And if it all works out as planned, Nadia will soon be the official owner of La Habana. Yup, he was so moved by Nadia's acting talents that he decided to buy it. 

After once again having a gun pointed at her, Thony came up with her own plan to stay alive and get Luca's medicine from Manila. It's risky, but it's his only chance of survival - and once again, there's no stopping mama bear when her son's life is at stake. And that's how she finds herself on a plane with Kamdar, while Arman is left on the tarmac with Robert making it clear to him (and Thony since she did try to get him to come with them) that he's just dead weight. In the middle of all of this (and sorry if you might already have heard me scream about this on tumblr a couple weeks ago) Arman wore the same shirt he wore to take Thony and Luca to Mexico in 1x08 - just to be left behind…Out of all the shirts he owns, you just can't tell me that was a coincidence. Dear writers, I love parallels but this one was a bit cruel. 

Thony didn't get much sleep during the flight, but her little conversation with Kamdar was interesting - and I now have a new quote to add to my list of favorites to annoy you with. My life became about saving one person's life - my son. Again, another perfect quote that just sums up the core of Thony's story. I was really looking forward to this part of the episode - and to get to meet other people who knew her before the U.S., before Luca got sick - when she was at the top of her career, as Doctor De La Rosa, Chief of Cardio at Manila General. It was a great scene, and yet, it was bittersweet because my heart broke for her during the dinner as Anna-Mae and Gabriel kept reminding her of who she once was, how everyone respected her and still look up to her to this day. Even though she's perfectly fine with what she had to give up for Luca to live, it forced her to face the reality of who she has become - and that, contrary to what they believe, she isn't always taking the right decisions, nor doing things the right way. Wait for it, here I am again with my quote…but she's doing things any way she can to survive, and save her son's life.

Anna-Mae and Gabriel understood her sacrifices, and agreed to help by providing her the medicine Luca needs - and even offered to give her access to a new one that could treat liver damage if there were any. But things got out of hand when Thony asked for more drugs, in bulk, to sell. She tried sugarcoating it - and she did have good intentions and big hopes to build her clinic, help people that couldn't afford medical care before Kamdar inserted himself into their business. But right now, we have to be honest - Gabriel isn't wrong, Thony is far from who she wanted to be, and is indeed closer to being a drug dealer than a doctor. 

And sometimes, despite her best intentions, she endangers people's life - and here again, after JD last episode, it's now her friends that reminded her of how much danger she carries along with her. At this point - we have been explicitly warned about Bosco long enough - with this theme repeating itself, I guess we have to get ready to see someone close to Thony pay the price for her involvement in the world of crime… 

I wish we would have seen a bit more on that part, but Fiona asked Thony to deliver some money to Lolo and Lola during her trip in Manila. Given their anger towards her, she decided to leave the envelope inside their house while they were gone, and I believe, added more money to what Fi had saved up. I'm not sure they'll react well when they find it in front of Marco's picture - and knowing how they wanted to take Luca back to the Philipines to raise him themselves, I get the feeling that this will only add fuel to the fire. Luca isn't stable enough to fly right now, but it does make one wonder if he wouldn't be safer in the Philippines after all - where he could get access to medical care and to the medicine he needs…

Kamdar apparently had trouble grasping the power of a mother's love for her child. On the other hand, what he does understand is how important the rest of Luca's meds are, and that Thony's new business idea was just a way to get access to them by using him - so he wastes no time in holding them hostage to keep her in line. The little boy is out of the woods for now - and if her having to deal drugs means that he'll get the treatment he needs to stay alive, she'll keep on working for Kamdar. What started out as a way to help Arman get out of the darkness now becomes again about keeping Luca alive - and we're back to the show's fundamentals. In some way, she did it and saved Arman, who's now free of Robert - but with three targets on his back as Kamdar, Sin Cara and Garrett all want him to pay.

Meanwhile, a couple of fishermen found the gun used to kill Maya. In an area the FBI had already searched. Now, I would say, it's pretty convenient for it to be found just when Kamdar wants to get rid of Arman - and in an area that has already been searched. Also, if he's smart enough, he'd know killing Arman himself would make him lose Nadia indefinitely - so that's one way to get rid of him and put him right back where his money got him out of - prison.

The potential romance between Garrett and Russo has been teased for so long that now that it (kinda) happened, it just screams ''something is about to go very wrong''. Let's hope Garrett isn't bad luck too…I feel bad for Katherine though - she clearly wanted to be more than his friend for a while, and she gets rejected again. Let's blame it on the alcohol. Joking aside, it's perfectly understandable coming from Garrett - he just lost his CI/ex-lover/the woman he cheated on his wife with/which cost him his family - and needs to get this case behind him to see things straight. And now that Arman matches the fingerprint found on the gun, he could be focusing on him instead of Kamdar…or he may believe Robert planted the evidence in order to frame Arman…we'll have to see where this takes us in the last 3 episodes!

Alright, that's all for now, we'll be back next week with the penultimate episode before the 2 hour finale! 

What did you think of this episode? 
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