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Young Sheldon - A Tougher Nut and a Note on File - Review

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Georgie and Mandy faced a pivotal moment as Georgie finally met Mandy’s parents, and Sheldon’s newest idea took on a life of its own on the newest episode of the season. 

Medford, Texas is a small town, so Mandy was bound to run into her parents sooner or later. Turns out that time was tonight. While out at a restaurant, Mandy panics when she spots her parents sitting nearby. Mandy’s father Jim, played by Will Sasso, is happy to see his daughter, but her mother Audrey (Rachel Bay Jones), clearly wears the pants in the family and Jim strengthens his resolve when she throws him a stern look. The inevitable subject of Georgie’s age comes up, but as he’s about to answer, Mandy stops him and they manage to get through the conversation without having to admit that the baby’s father is still a minor. That’s definitely a good thing, as Mandy’s mother is not having any of it and learning Georgie’s true age would certainly cause an even bigger rift between her and her daughter. Georgie feels bad that the meeting didn’t go well, so he goes to the McAllister’s tire shop to try and smooth things over. It is clear that Jim is warming up to Georgie, but Audrey still has her back up and assumes something must be wrong with Georgie since her daughter won’t marry him. When Mandy finds out about Georgie’s visit, she’s angry that he overstepped, and tells him that she wants her parents to apologize to her. As usual, Georgie doesn’t think before he speaks and tells Mandy that she’s just like her mom, which infuriates her even more. 

Georgie and George Sr. have a bonding moment when Georgie shares what happened with Mandy’s parents. George Sr. tries to reassure his son, by revealing that his father-in-law decked him once, but then things got better. A hopeful Georgie asks if pop pop started to like George Sr., but typical to the point George replies that he died. Georgie goes to make things right with Mandy, when she spots her dad's truck parked at the Cooper house. Jim has gone to the Cooper’s to give Mary and George money to pass along to Mandy. Jim jokes that he can’t give it to her personally and stay married, and Mary is none too pleased when George retorts that he and Jim are married to the same woman. Mandy comes storming in, demanding to know why her dad is there. He tells her that Audrey isn’t the only one being stubborn, that Mandy needs to give a little, too. An offended Mandy walks out. It is clear that Jim wants to make peace and have a relationship with his daughter and future grandchild and Audrey will likely soften if Mandy meets her halfway. The cards are in Mandy’s hands now. She needs to decide if her pride is worth more than having her parents in her life. Yes, her parents reacted harshly to the pregnancy, but she made mistakes as well and she needs to own up to those. 

Elsewhere in the episode, Sheldon has a meltdown when he finds out that Missy sold the comic book that he had reserved at the comic book store. He finds out that she sold it to Nathan, and calls him to broker a trade. During his hunt to find the comic that Nathan wants as part of the trade, he runs into professor Linklatter, who tells him to start a comic book database. Sheldon takes the idea and runs with it, even though Linklatter was just trying to get him out of his hair. Sheldon pitches the idea to Nigel at the comic book store, who agrees to let Sheldon input his entire inventory, free of charge. Poor Missy gets roped in to help and when they realize just what a huge task it is, Sheldon calls on Nathan to help. Sheldon over complicates things as usual and Missy gets frustrated and leaves. Sheldon and Nathan go back and forth about what order to use to arrange the comic books, and Sheldon has an epiphany. He realizes that he can apply his method to just about anything, including grants for the university. Sheldon leaves Nathan alone at the video store to start on his new project, which will lead to trouble for Sheldon as Nathan states he’s going to steal so many things. Meanwhile, President Hagemeyer loves Sheldon’s idea and gets excited about all the money that will come with it if she takes credit for his idea. She gives him the go ahead to get started. 

Although this episode pushed the plot of Georgie and Mandy’s pregnancy further, it wasn’t the strongest or the most comedic of the season. While Sheldon’s storylines are always good for some laughs, they aren’t as interesting as past seasons and feel much like a side burner to the other, stronger storylines in the Cooper family. The biggest issue with the episode, and the whole season frankly, is that Missy has been sidelined as a supporting character. Aside from a couple of impactful moments earlier on in the season, Missy has had very few scenes. It’s a shame to see such a great talent and a dynamic character be wasted. Hopefully the writers realize the gift they have in Raegan Revord, and allow her to have her own storyline apart from the rest of the cast. 

What did you think of Mandy’s parents? Do you think Mandy will soften and make peace with her mother? What are your thoughts on Sheldon’s character taking a backseat this season? Let me know by commenting below, or engaging with me on Twitter @ms_c_almeida.

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