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Pitch Perfect Bumper in Berlin - Season 1 - Advanced Preview

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Aca-scuse me?! Pitch Perfect Bumper in Berlin Season 1 premieres November 23rd on Peacock. With all six episodes of the first season being released at the same time. This Peacock original series is a spin-off from the original Pitch Perfect movies, which first movie premiered in 2012. While the movies centered around The Barden Bella’s at University this series takes place in a whole different setting in Berlin, and is centered around Bumper (Adam Devine). As a fan of the movies I was excited to start watching this series as well! Even though it carries through in the same universe as the original movies, for me it has a completely different feeling to it.

Not a lot has happened for Bumper since we last saw of him in the movies. He is still working at Barden University, but that is all about to change when he gets invited to come to Berlin, by none other than Pieter Krämer (Flula Borg). He signs Bumper as his only client as Music Manager and promises Bumper to help him pursue his dream as an international pop star. Pieter’s assistant Heidi (Sarah Hyland) and his sister, Thea Krämer (Lera Abova), a prominent Berlin DJ and music producer are also looped in to help Bumper to pursue his dreams. While aiming big, to perform at one of the biggest music festivals in Berlin not only Bumper needs to prove he is good enough, Pieter also has to overcome his obstacles. Besides lots of music, there are quite a few bumps in the road, good competition and there is love in the air.

Cinematically this series could fit on the big screen. The shots feel big, the atmosphere is a bit raw and alternative. But story wise it is a perfect series to enjoy after a long day of work and just be taken away by the story, comedic relief and music! The chemistry between Bumper and Heidi is on point, it is cute and sometimes a little awkward, but it will keep surprising you as well. We also get to see a completely different side of Pieter Krämer then we did in Pitch Perfect 2, when he was a part of Das Sound Machine. We get to see his softer side and he and Bumper become quite the duo.

Can’t wait until Wednesday? Here are some things to look forward to!
* We get to hear some familiar songs, as well as some original.
* Everything can be a stage to perform on.
* There are some sour pickles.

Are you planning on watching Season 1 of Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin? Let me know in the comments! And if you’re watching let me know why you are excited about this series!

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