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Bad Sisters - 1.09 & 1.10 - Review

Spoilers ahead, but then again this season has been over for a while so, ya know... enter at your own risk, etc.
Ding-dong! The Prick is dead
Which old Prick? The Pernicious Prick!
Yes, I know this doesn't quite work with the rhyme but I don't care, replace it with pompous if you must, and rejoice! Much like Eva and Becka did once they realized he was gone for good and Grace was finally free.

In fact, Grace is free in more ways than just being one JP-shaped form lighter, she actually ended up being the one who got rid of him! Who would've thought that fragile, constantly demeaned, barely a shadow of her former self, Gracie would succeed at doing what her sisters tried again, and again, and again, and yet failed every single time to do. She even buried the murder weapon with him, and the crime itself was inspired by a movie she'd been watching. Smooth, Grace, very smooth. It almost came undone thanks to those meddling kids pesky insurance brothers, but all is well that ends well. Before it came to that however, these last two episodes were a whirlwind of deception and blame, so let's get to it!

As expected during the last episode, when Becka shut someone into JP's freezer room, it wasn't, in fact, JP. Dear Minna ended up frozen right by her late husband, yet more collateral damage of the Garvey Girls' not always well thought-out murder plans. Becka, understandably (then again, why didn't she at least check who she was sending to an icy death?!) is heartbroken and drowns her sorrows into alcohol and truth-telling to cops who thankfully, don't believe her (if only they knew...).

Meanwhile, Grace's birthday is coming up and tradition is for her and JP to spend it at the cabin in the woods (ominous), followed by some time at the spa with her sisters. Grace and JP's idea of what Grace enjoys seem, as usual, to differ vastly (that quad bike, her making her own birthday dinner while JP just waits to be served... that man makes my blood boil, but the beauty of this show and Claes Bang's acting is that it's just manipulative enough that it doesn't border into complete ridicule).
The sisters aren't particularly delighted to head off to the cabin, despite their little party hats, and each one of them has reasons to decide tonight's the night for JP's demise. Becka's grieving over Minna in a bar far from the hotel and comes back with muddy shoes, Eva's been in a funk after everything that happened at her job and has commissionned the pentobarbital ("I know a dodgy vet, I could ask him" might be my favorite quote from this show), Ursula all but asks Ben to take JP out for her, and Bibi is running in the woods. Halfway through, I started realizing that maybe Grace had more agenda than I'd given her credit for, and that JP's constant little (and not so little) jabs had finally, finally gotten to her. The rest, like they say, is history. Grace finally snapped, Roger helped, and the sisters are back together at the Forty Foot swimming hole, where they should be. The insurance guys (who, honestly weren't the best part of the show, being a Gleeson doesn't automatically give one a pass, clearly) work out their deal too, and even though at one point I got scared that Matt was going to be the subject of seaon 2's murder mystery what with that drugged coffee, it all turned out OK. Minus, well, Eva's entire history with JP who not only was a prick, but a rapist, and a murderer, so there's that.

All in all, a very enjoyable show and I can't wait to see more even if I have no idea how season 2 will pick up from here!

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