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Bad Sisters - 1.08 - The Cold Truth - Review

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Welcome, welcome, to the continuation of the Bad Sisters season 1 reviews! I realize this is super late since the finale aired a month ago, but Natalie, who was the original (check out her previous reviews!) reviewer on this show and I, both had quite a frantic last few months. Unfortunately, for life reasons, she won't be able to review the show anymore, and I wasn't able to watch the second half of the season until now. So... better late than never, right?

Rarely have I had the misfortune of seeing something as creepy as JP senior's collection of embalmed animals. When Becka was exploring and we didn't know it wasn't JP perpetuating the tradition, I kept thinking the poor little kitten was going to show up amongst the geese and other wildlife. What did turn up though, was far worse: George never left Min! He's been stuck in the freezer for years, after JP left him to die when he choked on a glass eye (this would've made a great Six Feet Under cold open and easily entered the top ten stupidest deaths). We still don't really know what happened to his sister, either, and we'll likely learn some additionnal horrible stuff along the line. In the meantime, you have to laugh at JP asking his father for money, when you recall the way he led Becka on only to shut her down.

During each episode usually comes a moment when you start to wonder how they rationalize the vendetta against JP's life, because even when you suspend disbelief, it's still, well... extreme. Surely working on Mammy Gracie leaving him would make more sense? But then he pulls something like stealing Eva's promotion by spreading lies about her and using her mental health issues, even turning her new work friend against her, to the point where they don't even speak anymore... And suddenly you find yourself thinking yes, the freezer does seem like a fantastic idea to finally get rid of John Prick Williams, once and for all. Honestly, I'm not sure why Eva wasn't on board with this particular plan, it was one of their most foolproof ones, with the least collateral damage possible (well. Maybe not). Then again, Becka is definitely the last person I'd entrust with it, so maybe that's why Eva wasn't convinced.
What Becka doesn't know, is that Ben is on a JP-killing mission of his own after learning about the whole Ursula picture debacle. (Sidenote: I was all for Ben and completely understood why Ursula would have trouble ending things with him, until we heard him talk. Crush over, goodday sir). By that point, I was even starting to wonder if the next person to appear in those frozen drawers was going to be Ben, but then I remembered that we saw him at JP's funeral so he must have survived that fight, and isn't the one to enter the freezer when Becka closes the door.

Despite her rejoicing, I am 99% sure the person Becka locked into the freezer isn't JP. For one, because we didn't see who it was in the scene, which spells MESS to me, and on a more down to earth note, there are still two episodes to go, and up until now almost every single one of them has been dedicated to the Garvey sisters trying, and failing, in a new way, to kill JP. Much like Voldemort who conveniently waits for the very end of the school year to attack Harry, JP won't die for real until the season ends (like... penultimate or ultimate episode. Not Episode 8. No main character dies in episode 8, not even Sean Bean's).

Back in the present, JP's body is being dug up, which sends the Garvey sisters in a frenzy. So far, the results aren't what Thomas is hoping for (inconclusive), which will likely lead him to an early death if his current state is anything to go by. I know he has a hard time and is trying to save their business, but his pushiness is insufferable. So is Becka's persistence in pursuing a relationship with Matt, considering her entire family is at stake. No amount of scenes involving the two of them will make me change my mind so less of that please, and more winter ocean bathing sisterly scenes.

Worst Sister of the Episode: Becka. Becka is entertaining and sometimes funny, and her heart's in the right place (shame she follows her vagina most of the time though), but oftentimes her stupidity knows no bounds. Also, she was mean to Eva and for that she must suffer.

Best Sister of the Episode: Eva. Like Natalie said in earlier reviews, this show is at its best when the sisters are together, scheming or otherwise, but Eva really shines the brightest and is always entertaining. Her office drama feels very real, and her friendship with Gabriel is definitely a highlight I'll be sad to not see anymore.

Only two episodes left and so far, I have successfully avoided spoilers so I can't wait to see how everything unfolds and how they finally managed to get rid of JP. This show is such a little gem, I have no idea what they'll do in season 2 (another murder?) but I'm glad it got renewed if the same quality is guaranteed. More Irish shows please, and more Sarah Greene too (Bibi is easily a second fave sister)!

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