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Young Sheldon - A Resident Advisor and the Word "Sketchy" - Review

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There was no shortage of comedic drama in this episode, as Connie roped Dale into a new scheme, Sheldon took on a new responsibility at his dorm, and George and Mary continued to renew their relationship. This season has been the strongest yet for the series, and tonight was no exception. Connie began the episode in fine form, as she swindled Dale into joining her on her latest venture. She has decided to purchase the neighbouring video store, and install video poker machines in the back. Clearly, Connie hasn't learned anything from her illegal border run mishap except, as she stated, "not to purchase cigarettes with my idiot grandson." A comedic adventure ensues as Dale and Connie head to Mississippi to get the machines, the highlight being Dale dropping his pants at the vendor's garage, to reveal piles of cash saran wrapped to his thighs. The comedic quips were on point tonight, with Connie stating that the machines were the sexiest things she'd ever seen and Dale retorting, "Really? I just dropped my pants." As they drove home, it wasn't long before Dale addressed the elephant in the room: What is the status of their relationship? Connie gets Dale to admit he was wrong to break it off with her, but before they formally get back together, they realize they are being followed by an orange Pinto. They stop at a diner and think they've lost the guy, and are shocked to see the machine vendor, Dennis, join them at their table. He tries to blackmail them for more money, stating that he noticed the Texas licence plates and that video poker is illegal in Texas. As Dennis places an order with the waitress, Connie hatches a plan. She grabs the knife from the table and excuses herself to use the washroom. Dale watches through the diner window as Connie slashes Dennis' tires. Dale then surprises viewers by punching Dennis so he can get away. Has Connie's wild side finally rubbed off on a modest Dale?

Speaking of surprises, George Sr. continues to be charmed but confused by Mary's renewed affection for him. They spend the episode sharing moments that are reminiscent of their days as teenagers, hopelessly infatuated with one another. Their behaviour both confuses and creeps out Missy, who comes home and discovers that they are in bed together at 7:00 p.m. and realizes what they are up to. Missy's sarcastic one-liners were on full display tonight. A highlight was when she walked in on Mary and George Sr. slow dancing cheek to cheek, and then walked right back out with a quick "nope!" The couple's love fest comes to a halt when Mary shocks George Sr. by asking if they can make a baby. George Sr. calls her idea out for what it is, a way to make herself feel better about all of the low points that she has recently faced. It is clear that he hit the nail on the head, when Mary becomes defensive and walks out of the room. Mary has suffered several losses as of late. She has been kicked out of the church, Georgie has gotten a woman pregnant out of wedlock, and her children are older and no longer rely on her to meet their every need. Clearly her newfound desire to rekindle the passion with George Sr. was a way to compensate, but it didn't work, leaving viewers wondering where this leaves Mary.

Meanwhile, Sheldon decides to take matters into his own hands when he spends the night in his dorm room and realizes none of the residents are following the rules. He attempts to talk to the Resident Advisor, but he's clearly too high to be effective. Sheldon runs straight to president Hagemeyer and demands he become the new RA, complete with a list of reasons why he's the right man for the job. If you're thinking that this can't end well, you are exactly right. This is Sheldon, after all, and he gets straight to angering his older college dorm mates by yelling the rules through a bullhorn first thing in the morning. When his dorm mates refuse to take him seriously, he shuts off the hot water and tells them that if they want to live in a civilization, then they need to act civilized. This leads to him being duct taped to a wall in the hallway. Sheldon's storyline has taken a backseat this season, behind his brother and Mandy's pregnancy and his parents facing the repercussions of that. It is definitely not a bad thing. If anything, it has made the show feel more well-rounded as the rest of the talented and robust cast members are given a chance to shine. 

Georgie and Mandy rounded out the episode. Georgie takes it upon himself to take care of Mandy while Connie is out of town. He has spent the season so far, trying to cement his place in Mandy and the baby's lives, and has been leaving Mandy pleasantly surprised with every move he makes. As much as she wants to ignore her feelings for Georgie, and dismiss him as an immature teenager, that is proving harder to do as he continues to be a reliable and supportive partner. Last season, viewers questioned if Georgie was up to the task of being a father. The question now becomes, will Mandy finally trust that Georgie can be the person she needs him to be and allow him to be a part of her life? 

This was yet another strong episode for the series. Every episode so far this season has left me wondering where the time has gone, and anxiously waiting for the next episode. Do you agree? Do you think Dale will accept Connie's free-wheeling lifestyle and decide to get back together with her? What will become of Mary and George Sr.'s relationship, now that he has realized that her recent attention has been self-serving? Share your thoughts in the comments below or connect with me on Twitter @ms_c_almeida.

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