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The Equalizer - One Percenters - Review

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Client:  A woman, Tasha “Storm” Murry, wants Robyn to prove her man, Louis “T-Bone” Bennet, is innocent of gun smuggling charges.

Because T-Bone has a record and belongs to a motorcycle club, the police are perfectly willing to believe that he was stupid enough to leave a box of guns in his van with the doors wide open.

This is the second of my shows that includes police offers (or DA) that are willing to take, at face value, the idea that a potentially guilt person is monumentally stupid.

I like to think that, if Dante worked in that department, he’d say to himself…’most people are not that stupid maybe I should look a little deeper’.

When Dante walked into an “impromptu” political speech, we were introduced to additional players in this case:

* Bob Bass, the son of a former mayor, who is running for City Council, based on his father’s good reputation rather than his own merits.

* His opponent, Councilman Elijah Moore, who is childhood friends with the leader of T-Bone’s motorcycle club.

* And Leo, Councilman Moore's head of security.

This cast of characters made it obvious that the frame job was politically motivated.

So, I assumed, of course Bob’s mother Bettie was the mastermind.

I was wrong.

This is one of the things I enjoy about the return to the case-of-the-week format.

I like guessing my way around the red herrings the writers like to set up. It’s even better when I’m wrong.

One of the more fun twists was that it was Dante that got answers from Buffalo Joe, the leader of The Brooklyn Disciples.

It was nice to see that Dante has developed a reputation separate from his father as a straight shooter.

Storm’s godfathers are Buffalo Joe and Councilman Moore. They decided that none of the Brooklyn Disciples are allowed to date her.

Unfortunately, she, like so many young people, disagreed and has fallen for T-Bone.

Dante is also the one who finds out why all of this was happening to T-Bone.

We’ve waited a long time to see Dante work as fully part of the team. It worked really well for me.

T-Bone was the bouncer at a club. Bob Bass was a client and liked to beat up prostitutes. T-Bone put a stop to it.

While Bettie Bass was the person who paid off everyone in the club, she was not the mastermind behind framing T-Bone.

Her late husband’s hatchet man, set up the Brooklyn Disciples and the councilman.

I wish that we'd been able to get to know T-Bone better. It would have made his “solution” of suicide by cop make more sense.

Without that understanding of T-Bone, his decision seemed to come out of nowhere.

Without getting to know this character specifically, we are forced fall back on assumptions based on the broad strokes of stereotypical depictions of a felon, who served in the military and turned his life around.

For me, this type of character is a fighter, doing whatever he can think of to prove his innocence. Not someone who would choose suicide.

Forcing a confession in the middle of a televised appearance, but not in such a way that he’s guaranteed not to leave the scene.

It didn't make sense to me and came when there were still options on the table.

Family Life:  Robyn is ducking Mile

Did Dante manage to slip a breakfast date in there? I was rather tickled to see Robyn wiping his fingers with a napkin.
* * *
The other shoe finally dropped.

When Robyn doesn’t answer Miles’ questions about what she’s doing, Miles informs her he is filing for full custody.

I get where Miles' is coming from, but his definition of the “last straw” doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

Receiving a call to get Delilah (and the family) out of New York because Robyn's gotten wind of a terrorist attack doesn't, IMHO, qualify as putting Delilah in danger.

If Robyn hadn’t been involved in that situation, hundreds of thousands of people would have died.

Her involvement in this situation saved Delilah’s life.

He wants to know if what Robyn is doing could put his daughter in danger and Robyn isn't answering any of his questions.

So taking her to court is the responsible thing to do.

I think his logic is flawed but, in therms of character motivation, and writing overall, it all works beautifully.

We know she's not going to answer the questions for a judge either.

I'm really curious about how this will work out with a 16-year-old child in the mix. (I'm basing this on my understanding that, in the pilot she was 14.)

Teens are NOT the most predictable creatures in the world.

Since Delilah found out what her mother does, Delilah has never been really worried about herself. She's worried mostly for her mother.

That won't stop just because Miles gets full custody.

I am very curious about how this all plays out. What do you guys think?

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