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Station 19 - Twist and Shout - Review

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This first episode of season six picks up six months from where we left off last season. As we see in this episode everyone is still coping with the aftermath from last season, some in better others in worse ways.

After the events of last season with the assault and the murder accusation Andy seems to have worked through a lot during the past six months. She is now teaching self-defence classes at the fire-station. She is turning her experience into something that might help others, because with her lot’s of women have had these experiences. By training these women to defend themselves Andy has created something positive out of a bad situation and everyone is probably even get fitter seeing the intensity of it. It is nice to see that Carina has joined this class as well.

Maya and Carina have been trying to get pregnant for the past six months, by now they are on their fifth round of IFV and we learn they are no longer using Jack’s sperm. You can feel the tension between the two of them, they both still want to try but are also dealing with their own issues. Carina is extremely hormonal and that doesn’t go unnoticed by everyone in the firehouse. From the sweet and nice Carina is not much left, and even though she has changed due to the hormones she is not denying it and letting Maya know that she is feeling al the feelings. They really need to do something about Maya and her behaviour otherwise it will become.

Maya on the other hand seems to be in denial, lying to Carina about why work has been crap for the last six months. After gaslighting Beckett into getting his job and blackmailing Sullivan and the Chief, they now have it against her, meanwhile she is still not seeing that she was wrong. Beckett giving her shit and Sullivan is constantly at battle with her for the better position. It start to feel as a constant loop with Maya, always a battle to get to the top no matter what the cost. When Carina calls Maya out on her behaviour, she shoots it back to her that Carina hasn’t been herself either. Keeping in denial that she might be the one at fault here. Resulting in Carina telling her that she need to find professional help.

Jack has gone off the rails, after finding out he is the only one of his siblings that had been given up for adoption last season. And who wouldn’t everything you believed to be true changed. By now Jack has grown a beard, is lying to his friend and family. But all lies come out at some point and Jack’s comes out in the form of being handcuffed to a bed. For a lot of people this might have been rock bottom, for Jack we have to see. Before they leave Jack again Vic tells him: “Jack, it is not gonna feel this way forever, unless you let it kill you… don’t [let it kill you].” Everyone has shown that they still care about him but he has to be the one to take the next step now.

Travis is still running for mayor, independently now. Still running against Dixon, to prevent programs like Crisis One being shut down. At the electoral event, where both Travis and Dixon were attending when the tornado hit, you saw the two personality running against each other. Travis on one hand the people person and really wanted to help and save everyone. And Dixon on the other hand not believing a tornado was about to hit and going against everything Travis said or did. Of course being in the time we are in everything is being filmed and Travis hits the news with his actions in a positive way.

Andy and Sullivan seem to bee on good terms with each other again, talking and laughing, they might become friends again. Ben is taking a step back, colouring more inside the lines, showing the struggles parents on the line of duty have to face everyday and keeping in mind that their job is dangerous and can leave their kids childless.

We are back at it this season, lots of storylines we will see develop and will we get answers for the following questions? Will Maya get the professional help she needs? How does Travis electoral campaign go. Can Ben stay on desk duty for long? And will Jack be back?

What did you think of this episode?

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