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Station 19 - Dancing With our Hands Tied - Demons - Double Review

A double review of both Dancing with our Hands Tied and Demons. Did both Jack and Maya hit rock bottom these episodes and is there light at the end of the tunnel? Is Andy’s leadership showing a sign of maybe becoming the new captain later this season, since Beckett still isn’t the leader this team needs? And how do we like the possibility of Travis getting a new charming campaign manager? Let’s dive in.

Dancing With our Hands Tied

Jack is still staying at Eva’s house, which hasn’t been repaired yet after the tornado hit. Andy is stopping by trying to convince Jack to come back to work. He didn’t take his six month leave, but just left his job. He is depressed and does not get much done, even when Andy calls him out about it.

When Jack finally decides to fix the hole in the roof and he needs to go to the hardware store for some equipment. While being there a few pipes land on an other customers head. Jack immediately comes into action, but when he is asked if he is a doctor, he tells him he is nobody anymore. When a doctor arrives, Jack quickly moves aside and leaves. Did he start to realise what he is missing out on here?

A Crisis one call ends up to be a domestic call at the Dixons household, Maya and Ben are tasked to find out what happened and to see if they are both okay. After Maya sees the broken window, Maya immediately assumes that is was Dixon coming at Kitty, projecting her own family history on the situation. When Dick Dickson returns home, he and Kitty keep bickering with each other. The situation escalates with both of them throwing furniture around and Kitty throwing a vase to Dicks head. Even after seeing Crisis One at work Dixon still threatens to shut it down.

Travis is struggling with his run for mayor, doubting himself. And is getting overwhelmed by everything that needs to be filled out in order to run for Mayor. The lack of experience of both him and Vic, his campaign manager, doesn’t make it much better. The question that he is struggling with is if he is good enough to run for mayor.

The team responds to a car fire, which turns out to be an electric car fire. Electric cars apparently respond different to a fire by completely shutting down, including doors that cannot be opened again because everything is electric. Andy seems to have the most information on this kind of fire and takes lead, which should be Beckett’s job.

The kids driving the car are lucky the way they got out. The driver, Matt, is scared of his fathers reaction, since he took it out for a ride without consent. When Matt’s father turns up he immediately wants to get the car towed. Andy tells him that it isn’t a good idea, which he disobeys to get it towed anyway and tells Andy to take it up in court. When they are about to leave with the electric car, the car starts burning again and explodes. While Andy tries to put the fire down, because the smoke is toxic, Beckett commands her to let it burn.

When Vic asks Carina if she wants to talk about it she tells her that she might be pregnant but given the entire situation with Maya, Carina isn’t sure if she wants to be pregnant anymore. Vic convinces Carina to take a pregnancy test. When it is time to find out the results she asks Carina what she is hoping for. Carina rants about her feelings and Maya, wanting things to go back to the way they were. When the timer goes of Vic asks her one more time what she wants and she tells her she wants a positive, and not do it alone but with Maya. So Vic throws the test in the trash and tells Carina to fight for what she wants.

Maya keeps pushing herself to prove her worth to the firehouse. She is avoiding almost everyone, spending most of her time at the firehouse working out. Even to the point of injury, and keeps denying that she is having marital issues.

Andy wants to know if the firehouse is ready to be a family again. Everyone is in, except one. While Andy asks everyone to bring it in Maya distances herself from the group and goes back to working out. This family doesn’t leave one behind, so they turn up to help Jack with fixing the roof and show him he is still a part of their family. But what about Maya, does no one mis her in all of this?


It is halloween, apparently Becketts favourite time of the year. He takes joy in praking the team, first in the kitchen scaring everyone with a IT mask, and later at line-up he pulls a bucket of fake blood over Maya, giving her pink hair. While the team wants to help her, she still shuts everyone out. Warren tells Becket that he is not the one to be tricked and hints that he will get back to him. Which he does by recreating a scene similar to Sullivan’s overdose.

Jack is still staying with Eva, who gives him a pill before bed. While Eva falls asleep on it, Jack starts hallucinating and seeing Rigo, Eva’s late husband. Jack starts losing it completely, wanting to leave the house, trying to avoid his hallucinations. Wherever Jack goes he still sees Rigo and even starts talking to him, Rigo even seems to be talking some sense into his head. After getting into a bar fight he turns up at the fire station completely lost. When Andy and Vic spot him, he asks them if he can see Prue, which they are not too sure about in his condition. But he thinks he can pull it off, by convincing her it is a costume. That is when Jack's hallucinations dissapear

Travis is being charged by Vic and Theo every time the talks negative about himself or that he is going to lose from Dixon. According to Vic he will fund his own campaign when he keeps this up. Eli Stone turns up to the firehouse, introducing him to Travis as his new campaign manager. Because he believes he needs one. And tries to convince him he needs him.

Vic is bothered by the fact that she was the only women at the club, that there are too little women in the Seattle fire department. When later at the Halloween open house she doesn’t see any little girls dressed up as firemen which makes her wonder why. It also gives her the idea to organise a girls camp to introduce them to firefighting and pitches it to Andy who is immediately in.

Maya has been pulling back-to-back shifts not taking any time off. Avoiding Carina, who happens to volunteer at the firehouse for the Halloween open house. Wearing pink scrubs as her halloween costume being a women who is hopeful for things to go back to the way they were.

Maya and Theo respond to a call at a haunted maze, for someone who got hit in the head, when two others are fighting with lanterns one of them breaks off and lands in the maze it immediately catches fire. The rest of 19 responds to the fire here as well. There are still people in the maze, who hadn’t come out yet. When the ladder is stuck at traffic they don’t have the ladder to see over the maze and direct inside the maze to where the victims still are. Maya thinks she can get a view from the ferris wheel and climbs up agains orders. In small groups they get some civilians out, Maya keeps ignoring Becketts commands and leads Vic and Travis to four more people lost in the maze. When the waterline is damaged they don’t have anything to defend themselves, but Maya directs them to an exit.

When an electrical issue hits the ferris wheel Maya loses balance and falls down from her steps. Beckett orders to help her get down but she keeps on task by looking for the father and son still in the maze. When she spots them she gets herself down, but when jumping of the platform she missteps and injures her ankle. Ignoring the pain she runs into the maze, again ignoring her orders, to find the last two people in the maze. She does find them, but is not able to get both of them out on her own. The fire is quickly surrounding them leaving them no way out on their own. She gives her jacket to the father and kid to protect them from the heat, while she tries to get the fire out with an extinguisher. When that doesn’t work she keeps trying to protect them but we can see a hint of fear in her eyes too.

Back at the fire station Maya doesn’t want to be looked at, because of her ankle. Theo calls her out on being reckless, so he does with Beckett because he is too wrapped up in his head instead of looking out for his team. This leaves Beckett and Maya, who tells her she is off shift until her next sceduled one.

Carina is trying to reconnect with Maya telling her she might be pregnant, and asks Maya if she is okay. Maya tells her she is, and she is going to take a shower before going home. Turning Beckett telling her she is off shift into it being her idea that working like this is dangerous for the others.

Maya breaks completely down in the shower, is this rockbottom?

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