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La Brea - The Next Day - Review

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We're back!

Where last we left off in the finale of Season 1, our cast found themselves in vastly different places than where they'd begun their journeys. Josh and Riley had vanished into 1988, Veronica was alone and injured in the woods and Gavin, Ella and Izzy were newly arrived into 10,000 BC after jumping through a sinkhole in Seattle. 

As per the episode title, the show picks up instantly after these events with Eve and Sam desperate to find a way to get their children back from the 80's, with Sam in particular barely hanging on by a thread. I've always enjoyed seeing Jon Seda get to have tense dramatic roles ever since he was on Chicago P.D. so I have high hopes that his emotional arc this season will be well executed. 

Silas eventually gives him an Aldridge-shaped lead on how to get Riley and Josh back and Eve and Levi set off to investigate the alleged man-made structure Silas clued them onto. The building is going to play a big part this season though it's not clear what that role will be yet, outside of having something to do with the sinkholes and why they are occurring. 

The sinkhole mystery deepens a little more in the premiere when Riley and Josh learn of a sinkhole opening at the Hollywood sign, an event that never occurred in 1988 before. It's evident that history's being changed but whether it's because of the actions of the cast in 10,000 BC or some larger, unknown force trying to alter time remains to be seen. 

It could be interesting to learn that the sinkholes are the butterfly effect consequence of people meddling in time. Though the significance of 10,000 BC when it comes to time travel is puzzling to say the least. All sinkholes so far seem to lead to that time period for some reason but the light took Riley, Josh, Isaiah and Lilly to 1988. It's looking highly probable that something significant happened in that year. Perhaps the beginning of the whole time travel concept? 

Whatever the case, it better shape up to be a pivotal part of the show's lore because so far, Josh and Riley's arc is the least interesting storyline. 

Outside of those two, I'm hoping the show doesn't take too long in uniting the storylines in 10,000 BC. We've got the seeds planted for Lucas taking on a new, more active and protective role in light of his mother's death, Sam's on his way to a breakdown and Eve and Levi are getting closer than ever while getting to know a new faction of survivors who seem to be antagonistic. 

Gavin, Izzy and Ella/Lilly are also shaping up to have interesting arcs. We already got a taste of the perils that could await Izzy and her prosthetic leg and I'm looking forward to seeing how the survivors react to seeing a grown up version of a little girl they only saw last a few days ago. It could spell a marked change in her dynamic with Veronica whose reaction could go either way. 

With the loss of the visions since entering the sinkhole, I'm curious to find out what Gavin's new role in the show will be outside of rediscovering the place he grew up. There are definitely more secrets concerning the building, Silas and Aldridge and I'm hoping he's very closely tied into the lore surrounding that. 

What did you think of the premiere episode? Which storyline are you looking forward to the most? Sound off in the comments below!

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