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Chesapeake Shores - All or Nothing at All - Review

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A sweet goodbye, this last episode was. Where we ended right were it all started as a family around the campfire, with flashbacks even, except this time around the family has grown quite a bit. Not only did the family grow in size over the past six season, those characters grew as individuals as well. It doesn’t seem fitting to only talk about this last episode, therefore we will look back on the past six seasons of Chesapeake Shores.

As said before we end the series back around the campfire, a sacred place for the O’Brien siblings to talk and hang out with each other, this last time around everyone seems happy and loved. Mick and Meghan are married again, they seem to have found their way back to each other through the struggles of life and a divorce years ago. They learned to love again, accept each others flaws and make sure to care for each other. Mick has decided to retire and leave his business to Abby, whom had been his business partner for a while now, so Mick and Meghan can travel the world. They celebrated their second wedding this episode which made them come full circle.

Abby, the women we all hoped from the beginning would end up with Trace Riley (Jesse Metcalfe red.), her high school lover. Their relationship had lots of ups and downs and after Trace left early season five, I for sure thought Abby would be done with love and just focus on her girls. That idea was short lived with two potential love interest popping up for her in season 5. Earlier this season she started dating Evan, a nice but strange guy who as I can say much needed a loving and somewhat stable family. Even though I didn’t think that Abby would get married again it didn’t really come as a surprise when Evan asked her to marry him.

Kevin, when we met him he was a medic in the army and recovering from an injury sustained in the field. It didn’t take long for him to pursue a different career and end up at the fire department where he met his now wife Sarah. I think Kevin has been the most stable O’Brien of all during the series, which is also important in a big family. It showed that everyone lived live at their own pace, and through their own obstacles. Still Kevin had some trauma to process, struggled with Sarah to get pregnant but eventually grew a little family of their own.

Bree the writer of the family, who after being a struggling playwright in Chicago returns back home to her family. It takes her a while to adjust while she keeps writing, resulting in a bestseller that causes some uproar within her family because it is about the past events that happened in her family. Eventually they get over it and Bree stays in Chesapeake even taking a teaching job there. Bree also gets two potential love interests at the same time, but ends up with Luke a former convict. They have had to overcome their struggles this past season but found their way back to each other in the end.

Connor, the youngest brother of the siblings is introduced as a law student that wants to grow up like his older sister Abby. We mostly see him as the endless student but he eventually graduates form law school. He still is finding his way in this new corporate world and figuring out what kind of lawyer he wants to be. Being pulled in all directions and even used by big and powerful companies he learns he wants to work for a small firm, resulting in starting his own. After struggling with some health issues and getting the love and support from Margaret, whom he really liked, he realises he cannot run his firm alone. He did not only make Margaret his equal in the company, she also became his girlfriend.

We met Jess as the youngest of the O’Brien clan who is still resenting both her parents, her mom for leaving her at a young age and her dad for always working. This took a while to change but eventually she turned around, learned to trust her parents again and improved their relationship. She really turned around, by starting her own business, learning from her mistakes and growing as a person. She fell in love and has shown that she can be someones rock and that she is a powerful woman, her doubts and struggles made her real and just a pleasure to watch. And when you think they have found it, we learn she and David are growing their little family too!

This concluded six years of family, love and friendship with a hint of drama here and there. For me this series has always felt like a welcome relief to watch instead of all the high paced, attention needed series that are also out there! I hope that this is one for many more people to find and relax with in the future.

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