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See - Watch Out For Wolves - Review

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See episode two picks up where we left off, with Baba Voss attacked, a victim to the new weapons that we saw their full destructive power of last episode: bombs, that lead to the death of Bow Lion in a tragic encounter that gave Baba his new agenda for the series and kicked him back into life – a premiere that reminds him of the toll loss can take; and an episode that wasted no time in giving him a reason to care again.

The bombs that the Trivantians now have has never made them more powerful, for context – it would be like if someone brought bombs to Middle Earth. Fantasy stories have had an unwritten rule where magic and science don’t tend to mix; but See has been more about the progress and the rediscovery of old things – and as sight comes back into the world, so too, do the weapons of the ancients – and their destructive power. Even Baba Voss can only describe it as one thing: god thunder. Lightning.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown and Maghra is dealing with the ramifications of everything that we’ve seen take place around her. On her behalf; she sends former witch hunter Tamacti Jun to hunt down the witch hunters and him now being a full on convert is one of the more fascinating stories of the series – I love that See is more than the Jason Momoa show which is what it could have easily been – and Tamacti Jun is on the receiving end of some of the best character arcs these past two series. Putting him against his former allies only showcases an incredibly blunt, but always effective example as to how he has changed. The fight with Shiloh was a short and brutal one.

One of the main talking points of this series is Kofun’s child under Sibeth. For her; Wolffe being blind is devastating – she birthed him expecting him to have the power of sight but the fact that he can’t see puts her in a difficult position. After acknowledging that the one thing Wolffe shouldn’t get the chance to do is grow up under Sibeth; Maghra makes a judgement call and takes Wolffe away, rendering Sibeth no longer useful – it’s a cold move, but Sibeth has talked herself out of trickier situations before. Let’s see how she gets out of this one.

Meanwhile; Haniwa is having her own character journey too but it’s one with darker intentions potentially than what might suggest on the surface. All this anti-sight hate is enough for her to listen to the wrong sources as a sign of influence; and could she end up going the other-way and full team sight? Haniwa and Kofun seem like they’re still very much in the early stages of their arcs this series, and much of this episode feels like a reaction to the premiere.

Baba Voss has some convincing to do about the new weapon being created – the deadpan reaction that awaited Maghra discussing why the Trivantians would come after Baba Voss and Baba Voss alone was a perfect moment; as was the reveal that Baba Voss was the third person in the bed – perfect comic timing as he has a lot of catching up to do about what he’s missed; Wolffe, Kofun’s son, everything. Maghra and Baba Voss have been the Adama and Roslin of this show – they’ll have their differences but at the end of the day you can tell that they care about each other and hopefully the show won’t separate them as quickly as it did last time.

Wren works with Oloman to free him with an aim to destroy the bombs but Oloman’s family is being held hostage as a bargaining chip. So their paths are aligned for now. Both of them care about Haniwa, both have sight – and both are on the same page. Wren is now a soldier without a purpose no longer being a part of Edo’s army, and preventing Trivante from blowing up Pennsa may give her that path for the series. But will it be a Haniwa that she recognises when the two meet again?

Watch Out for Wolves was an exciting episode that very much felt like the backend of a premiere; if this was episode two of the first of the show See would’ve probably aired them both back to back. There’s a lot of connective tissue between the two episodes that makes the weekly wait all the more damning. I do think airing See against House of the Dragon, She Hulk and The Rings of Power on 3 different subscription services to AppleTV+ is doing AppleTV+ no favours – especially combined with the lack of promotion for See especially in relativity to its first series I’d be surprised if many knew its third had even started. It feels like AppleTV+ are putting it out to pasture – yet the series has enough of an in-built audience by now to keep watching.

See Series 3 continues next Friday on AppleTV+

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