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It took me a while to get to this review because I was having a problem putting my finger on what frustrated me about the episode.

One of my problems is that I’m not a fan of Ben and his shenanigans. Not that I think anything involving the resort story was poorly written or out of character. The problem is they’re not focusing on the story I’m most anxious to see.

They did let us see what’s happening with the baby.

(I keep having to remind myself that this race leaves their kids to survive on their own.)

I love that the DNA modification is so complete that none of the government’s tests could read him as anything but human.

All hail a unit so devoid of humanity that they could capture a little boy for testing without any qualms.

We got a bit more information on how General McCallister became…General McCallister.

It doesn’t explain where that “innate ability to talk to children” came from.

I am curious to see her go up against Sahar. I know McCallister would scare Sahar, but I think Sahar could hold her own.

The fact that the baby revealed itself scares me. I’ve got no clue what kind of intelligence level he has.

Mostly because his scenes with Sahar gave me the impression that he’s not that smart.

He is empathetic though, and that’s a good trait, but what is McCallister going to do with that awareness?

They took the road I did NOT want them to take with D’Arcy, but at least her emotional decline only lasted one episode.

I couldn’t argue with Elliot about how he handled it. Asta’s got her though.

Real friends are one of the greatest gifts in the universe.

Peter Bach, The Alien Tracker, finally made it to Patience, CO. It didn’t take him too long to realize Max is like him.

I wasn’t fond of having both Harry and Peter forcing Max to pick a side.

The first time I watched the scene between Harry and Max came across as really harsh. Thankfully, it played a little less harshly when I watched it the second time.

I suppose the scene had to end with Harry being a monumental jerk so that we would believe Max would side with Peter.

I was glad that Harry wasn’t in the bed when Peter broke in.

Asta was finally able to process meeting her birthmother.

It led her to talk to Jay and alleviate any questions she may have about whether her birth mother wanted or loved her.

Asta managed to do it without putting Jay on the spot or making her feel guilty.

The actress who plays Jay impressed me in this scene. Though she said nothing, she projected a sense of desperate longing for a relationship with Asta.

It was a pretty good episode technically, but there’s a Sword of Damocles hanging over Earth. The Grays are coming to destroy the planet.

The lack of urgency with regard to that story is frustrating. I want the episodes to be focused on that story rather than on Kate and Ben bickering about the resort.

It kept me from fully enjoying thie episode.

What did you guys think of the episode?

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