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Resident Alien - Best of Enemies - Review

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Sadly, season 2 is almost over. I’ve had some issues with the pacing over the last two or three episodes. Even if Harry only cared about the message the baby had for him, it makes no sense for him to not even try to figure out where the military took him (it?).

If they had had Harry looking for the baby and hitting a dead‑end once or twice, they would have been able to have the plot lay out the way they wanted without removing the urgency the kidnapped baby story should have had.

This week they finally got around to tying up the kidnapping story.

Asta rather quickly discovered Peter Bach, The Alien Tracker, (I just like typing that) tied up in the bunker.

He’s still got some fight left in him despite a night of being tortured.

Harry learned everything he knows about torture….from Max.

There’s something really fitting about that.

I really felt for Peter when he explained why he was so upset that Harry removed his tracker.

For some inexplicable reason the Grays would periodically beam Robert’s parents up so they could see him.

I wonder if the real reason the beaming stopped was because McCallister captured Robert.

Peter is the first person to point out that Harry was more concerned about the message than his offspring.

His point of view makes perfect sense because of the hole left in his life after the loss of his son.

I still wish Harry had told him that his people leave their children to figure out how to survive on their own.

I think that might have made Harry’s astonishment at discovering a paternal bond a bit more powerful.

I was thrilled to see that, having finally found proof of aliens, McCallister wasn’t torturing the baby.

(I am certain it would not have consisted of ‘not touching’ it.)

Instead the baby had a tricked out playroom with some adorable wallpaper.

McCallister conveniently kept the alien ball in the baby's room. So the baby's capture actually affects other parts of the story.

The dance break (and tossing the baby in the air) landed with a thud. It wasn’t my type of humor.

I was a teensy bit right about Peter’s son. He was in the bunker….it just wasn’t Joseph.

The only reason I can think of for Joseph to try to kill Robert is because Robert could identify him as an alien. McCallister’s unit is a great cover, but for what? It’s got to be more than destroying the planet.

I assumed there was no plan for Robert since they let him languish in McCallister’s cell.

At least this part of the story feels complete.

Harry got his message and began bonding with his son.

Peter died for his son.

Elsewhere in Patience.

D’Arcy was scared to return to her life after detoxing from the pain pills.

It was a nice realistic touch for D’Arcy to be going to meetings.

I was as caught off guard as Asta when Dan told her he loved her enough to push her out of the nest.

I’m thinking she and D’Arcy will be awesome roommates.

I actually liked the way they tied up the Hawthorne/Resort story despite the fact they pulled the sleepwalking thing out of thin air.

After his car accident, Ben did some reevaluation and decided against the resort.

There’s a moment, during Ben’s revelation, that Ben says he’s been trying to make people like him. It was the set up for that ‘everyone shows up to prove to him he is liked’ scene.

Most of the time the pay off for that setup is a little heavy handed.

Instead of the clich├ęd bunch of people cramming in around his bed, we got an aerial shot of townspeople heading into the clinic and Judy dashing back out of the clinic to get another sip of beer.

Liz and the Sheriff get some really fun moments. Watching the Sheriff freak out about his new relationship, by making a Pros vs Cons list, was fun.

I loved the subtle comment that he’d run a background check on John for Liv was a hoot.

His background checks are pretty thorough. He managed to dig up Liz’s high school social studies grades. They are quickly moving to the top of my list of favorites.

Did anyone else notice that the Alien mask seemed new (and better, in the episode?) Did I just not notice earlier?

What did you guys think of the episode?

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