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Chesapeake Shores - L-O-V-E - Review

This episode centers mostly around the Seaside Festival, Abby finds out through Kevin that Sarah is pregnant, but isn’t supposed to know anything yet. Caitlyn is at the festival with a friend who tells Bree she is the cool aunt and Jess the wacky aunt. We finally get to see Meghan at work in LA and so much more, let’s dive in!

Mr Mystic
Luke has found an old fortune telling machine at the Brigde, thinking it would be a good addition to the seaside festival. Both he and Bree get a fortune for it to test if it is working, the fortune they get tells them “The love of your live is right before your eyes”. Bree doesn’t believe it is a coincidence they both got the same so she blames Luke. They bicker over this throughout the episode because she keeps thinking that Luke did this on purpose. This really hurt his feelings and they get in a fight over it. When later that evening at the festival Sarah gives her fortune card to Bree to show what she got, followed by Kevin who says that Abby got the same, Bree realises she has made a big mistake. By then it is too late for Luke, he has a problem with people who think he is a liar and walks away leaving Bree behind.

Withdrawal symptoms
Mick is struggling with overcoming his addiction, he still doesn’t believe he had a problem. He is going to meetings daily and you see he is in withdrawal. At one of the meetings he is asked if he is going to share something anytime soon, by now he is still in denial. Which he is called out about as well by one of the attendees at the NA meeting. Back at home, while working in the bathroom he finds a pill bottle with one pill left in in. We see Mick struggle what to do with it, does he take it or throw it away. He calls Meghan first before he takes the pill after the call he still struggles not to take the pill. But when she calls back within minutes he flushes the pull away. Then he realises he has a problem and actually is an addict.

Another date
Evan has a new date with Abby planned, well Mandrake planned it. When he tells her that he has something planned, she doesn’t need anything fancy. At the festival they pull a fortune from the machine as well, with the same message as Bree and Luke had gotten, this creates some tension between the two of them. This makes Evan question their relationship and the progress of it based on the fortune. He and Mandrake discuss toning the date bit a bit, but still Evan doesn’t do simple, so he rented out an entire restaurant for just the two of them.

This setting makes Abby really self conscious. Abby wants to talk about the elephant in the room, the fortune card. Evan had talked to Mandrake about it and Abby to Kevin and neither gave good advice on it. Abby confesses that she sometimes struggles with knowing who she really is, and she was finally learning about it until Evan came along. And the idea of Abby and Evan kind threw him of course as well. So they decide to take the pressure off and get a fresh start where they will be theirselves and just have fun.

Meeting the family
Connor is about to meet Margarets family over lunch. Her father immediatly asks why he leaves the big firm, the women at the table defend Connor but the men agree they will get it out of them. Connor decides to tell a bad lawyer joke to break the ice. The joke is followed by a silence, followed by laughter. Later we find out her family approved of Connor being her boyfriend. Bad jokes. Family wants to know why he leaves the big firm

This episode marks the halfway-point of the final season, with only five episodes left what are we thinking so far of this season?

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