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Bad Sisters - Splash - Recap/Review

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Time for Bad Sisters, episode six! Will the sisters succeed in their plans this week? Let’s find out!

Nora turns Eva, Becka and Ursula away at the door, as Bibi doesn’t want to see anyone after her paintball mishap. Becka is still annoyed at Bibi for splitting her lip, and Bibi is horrified she’s accidentally taken someone else’s eye out. Meanwhile, Ursula has come up with plan four: drugging JP with Rohypnol and putting him in a full bath to drown. Eva says nothing happens until Bibi’s back, but the other sisters are keen on the plan. I’m interested to see this one play out as we know JP doesn’t drink alcohol, so they will have to find another way to get the drug into his body at a high dose.

JP takes the boat out, hoping to use it to get Gerald to give him the Financial Director job instead of Eva. Roger turns up with his fishing pole, but JP rudely dismisses him when Gerald cancels. Poor Roger does his best to be nice to JP, when I haven’t seen JP be nice to him once. Perhaps a fishing boat accident is in the sisters plans. While JP is on the boat, Grace tries her hand at an art class. The model tells Grace her art is good, but can tell she’s uncomfortable with nudity. I love that the woman tells Grace she needs to be comfortable with her own body, that it's nothing to do with JP. On her way home, Grace sees a pretty robe in a shop window. Good for you, Grace! I’d like to see her build some self-confidence as JP is constantly tearing her down.

Becka is back at Min’s house when JP appears and tells her to leave. Why is he so afraid of Becka spending time with his mother? JP and Becka start arguing after her accuses her of only being there to get money. Min tells JP to leave his sister – a slip, or does she mean sister-in-law? – alone, and JP retaliates by threatening to put Min in a care home. After JP leaves, Min hands Becka a check for 8,000 euros for “the fees for next term” – I was sure she’d confused Becka with her dead daughter Laura, but cheque is made out to Becka. Taking this money will certainly come back to bite Becka, but I understand her reasons for accepting it – after all, she has that high-interest credit card loan to pay back. In the present, Matthew snoops through Becka’s kitchen and finds the uncashed cheque. He takes a photo.

Meanwhile, Thomas is parked near Grace’s house waiting for Matthew. Roger storms up to this car assuming Thomas is a cop, asking them to leave him alone. Thomas asks if he was friends with JP, and Roger says JP doesn’t have friends, that it’s a shame JP didn’t do himself in properly the first time he tried. Certainly no love lost between them, and when exactly did JP try to kill himself?

Naturally, Thomas goes to ask Grace about JP’s suicide attempt. I love that Grace is reorganizing the furniture and getting the house how she likes it, not how JP liked it. She deserves to be happy and at peace in her own home now. He later asks about JP’s mental health, and if either of them had an affair. Grace stands up for herself and pushes back against the digging. Go Grace! Thomas confesses he’s barely sleeping, and Grace feels sorry for the Dad-to-be. She gives Thomas some little booties for the baby, and quietly confesses JP did have a suicide attempt, but she doesn’t talk about it because JP refused to. Thomas later heads to the hospital and bribes someone with cup final tickets for JPs records. He’s excited by what he finds. Matthew doesn’t answer the phone, as he’s busy spending the day with Becka. Matthew confesses his father killed himself and Thomas kept it from him. Matthew and Becka are two broken people bonding over grief, but I keep waiting for Becka to slip up. It’s coming, I can feel it.

In the past, Grace pulls up home to Roger dancing in the garden after tidying up for her. Grace and Roger have fun dancing on the front lawn, and it’s one of the only times I’ve seen Grace happy! Until JP comes home, pissed. He is jealous, and later calls the police to pretend he’s a local parent concerned about his non-existent son attending church youth group with Roger. The police later take Roger and his computer away, because once again: JP is as asshole. That night, Grace is wearing her new silk robe and feeling beautiful, confident even and it takes JP five seconds to ruin that by laughing at her. Grace suggests JP needs little blue pills, and he gets nasty. Grace sits on the end of her bed and cries, and Blanaid sees. She asks if Grace would come on her overnighter netball tournament tomorrow, and you know things are bad when your own child realizes you need to get away from your husband.

Grace heads round to Eva’s, needing the support of her sisters. I’m surprised JP let her leave the house. I really love this scene as Eva assures Grace there’s not a thing wrong with her. Ursula’s facial expression reads like she’s about to tell Grace to try having an affair. Scenes where the sisters sit around Eva’s dining room table are the highlight of the show for me as it really feels like it’s where they are happiest. They reassure Eva that JP is the problem, and Eva gives Grace a vibrator she won in an office raffle, which Grace later stashes in her bathroom at home. Sisterhood! However, JP discovers the vibrator in the bathroom the next day and gets angry about it. Grace stands up for herself by shoving him aside and leaving. Off to netball she and Blanaid go. GOOD FOR HER.

With Bibi back on board, murder attempt #4 is a go. Ursula gets the Rohypnol and Bibi comes up with a way to get it into JP: the nasal spray he’s constantly using. The sisters sit in a car outside Grace and JP’s house. JP goes out for takeaway like they thought, without Grace home to feed him. Bibi keeps watch while Eva, Ursula and Becka use a spare key to get inside and look for the nasal spray. JP calls Grace and tells her if she doesn’t come home right now, god knows what he’ll do. JP returns with his takeaway earlier than planned and the sisters are forced to hide in the house. JP uses his laced nasal spray. Success! He passes out.

Eva runs the bath as planned, but JP suddenly surges awake. Hilarity ensues as the sisters hide on the other side of the bed, desperate to avoid detection. Half asleep and without pants on, JP grabs his car keys and takes off with the sisters following. I’m amazed he manages to make it to his destination without hitting another car or crashing. He goes to the water and hops on his boat. Ursula points out that JP can’t swim. As if the sisters will him to do so, JP falls into the water. The sisters watch him struggle, and you can almost feel them holding their breath as everything fades to black. I really enjoyed this episode, the bedroom scene was hilarious and as we know this is most likely labelled a “suicide attempt” on JP’s part, what on earth will attempt five be? We’ll find out next week!

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