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Bad Sisters - Rest in Peace - Recap/Review

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Welcome to episode 7 of Bad Sisters! We find the sisters watching JP drown, so close to succeeding in their wish to kill him. Unfortunately for the women, JP awakens in the water and starts splashing like a hooked fish. This catches the attention of Gabriel, who Is hanging out with a friend on his nearby boat. Gabriel dives in to save JP and heroically rescues him as the sisters tear out of the parking lot – but not before Gabriel sees Eva at the wheel. Oops.

In the hospital, JP is adamant he isn’t suicidal – though I can see how Grace came to that conclusion with the voicemail JP left her the previous night. Naturally Grace thinks this is all her fault, as everything that goes wrong is always her fault. The other sisters are at Ursula’s house, discussing what to do. Grace calls Eva and tells them that JP is fine physically but unwell mentally, as he’s sure someone is trying to kill him. I love this scene as the sisters quietly curse and panic in the background, then awkwardly ask Grace if JP saw anything (he didn’t) and Bibi realizes they don’t have the nasal spray they used to drug JP. The way these characters feed off each other is hilarious, and sister group scenes are often my favorite part of the episode.

In the present day, Thomas is lighting a candle at his father’s grave. Matthew arrives, still angry at Thomas for not telling him the truth. A couple of days before their father killed himself, he told Thomas to always make sure Matthew is okay. It’s obvious Thomas takes this duty very seriously, to the point that he’s getting so stressed out he’s struggling mentally. A rough but touching scene between the brothers.

The record from the hospital psychologist in the files Thomas acquired. JP told the psychologist he thought someone was trying to kill him, that he thought someone drugged him and pushed him into the water. Theresa has been reading the file and says her money is on Bibi, as JP was the reason Bibi lost her eye. She reminds Matthew where his loyalties lie – his brother and the case first, Becka second. Theresa points the brothers in Gabriel’s direction, to find out what happened the night JP nearly drowned. Gabriel is cagey but mentions that Eva told him not to tell JP… she was at the marina that night, along with Becka. Gabriel says he isn’t in contact with Eva anymore. The men ask if they can ask why, but Gabriel says no. What caused these two to sever their friendship? Did Eva get fired? I’m intrigued by this friendship breakdown.

Thomas is excited that Eva was there that night and thinks Becka targeted Matthew to distract him from the case, but I feel Becka’s shock at finding out who Matthew is was genuine. Matthew tells Thomas about the cheque to Becka from JP’s mother for eight grand. Thomas says they manage the Williams’ accounts, and the old lady has barely any money so Becka most likely couldn’t cash the cheque. Thomas asks if he stole the cheque and is disappointed when Matthew says no. But Matthew shows him the photo, and he’s convinced he now has enough proof to exhume JP’s body. With the brothers making progress in their case, will the sisters kill one or both of them if they get too close to the truth?

In the past, Eva’s job interview appears to have gone well and excitedly tells Gabriel, who mentions he saw Eva at the marina. She makes him agree to keep that to himself as JP arrives for his interview. Gerald says he’s happy with both JP’s and Eva’s performances in their interviews. JP tells him Eva inspires him with all she’s overcome, then says that Eva had a breakdown and a drinking problem, putting doubts in Gerald’s mind that Eva is the right one for the job. Once again, JP is willing to ruin reputations and lives as long as it gets him what he wants.

Becka arrives at Grace’s and goes upstairs to search for the nasal spray. Bibi orders her to clean up the mess JP left in the wardrobe while she’s there. She manages to complete her tasks just in time, but JP sees her slip the nasal spray into her pocket as she leaves his bedroom and corners her by the front door. Blanaid yells at him and Becka manages to escape unscathed. When he goes to have a nap, he has mini flashbacks of the previous night, including Becka whipping his pants off. Uh oh. Grace arrives home and tries to tell him he needs help, but he pushes her away and she falls down the steps at the front of their house. OUCH. As they arrive at the hospital, JP spots Ben leaving after walking Ursula to work, realizing the two are still seeing each other. Donal later confronts Ursula, saying she’s never home. This affair is definitely going to be public knowledge soon, and Ursula and Ben only have themselves to blame.

Poor Grace has a bandaged wrist with her arm in a sling. Bibi asks Grace if JP hit her, but Grace says she tripped and hit her head. Eva, Bibi and Becka all look extremely worried. JP arrives with flowers and essentially kicks the sisters out, much to Eva’s annoyance. JP clearly feels incredibly guilty as he plays the doting husband. The four sisters sit in the hospital cafeteria as Becka gives Eva the nasal spray – in public, Becka?? Really?? Becka says they need to finish the job, she’s sure JP hurt Grace. Time is running out with JP getting more suspicious by the day.

Thomas and Matthew interrupt the Detective Inspector’s game of golf to inform him they have proof. The DI tells them a murder enquiry in a town like this upsets people, so they have to be sure. Thomas informs him two Garvey sisters were at the marina the night JP almost died, and that the cabin fire was another murder attempt. The DI says they can have their postmortem. Thomas is stoked. Matthew is very quiet. It’s clear he wants to support his brother, but he doesn’t want to hurt Becka. He later brushes off their date night plans, and I guess this romance is reaching it’s end.

In the past, Becka takes Min her groceries after visiting Grace at the hospital. She finds the elderly woman wandering up the road in her nightie. Becka reminds the old woman JP will put her in a home if he sees her wandering the streets like that, and Min happens to mention JP used to hate the basement – but now he spends lots of time down there. Becka gets suspicious and goes to have a look as Min falls asleep. It appears to a taxidermy workshop with a locked freezer. Seems as normal as a taxidermy workshop can be, until Becka opens a drawer in the freezer and find’s George’s dead body. Well! It appears JP is hiding many secrets of his own. While this episode was mostly filler until we get to the next murder attempt, that twist at the end was certainly something. I expected it to be JP’s sister Laura in the drawer, but does poor Min even know her husband is in there? Hopefully she gives Becka more hints in future… before JP locks her away.

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