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Bad Sisters - Baby Becka - Recap/Review

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We begin in the present day, where Becka and Matthew finally learn each other’s last names and realize Matthew is the one investigating the death Becka participated in. Oops! Becka is understandably pissed. While Thomas asks his questions, Becka gets some dating app notifications on her phone. Matthew sees and gets jealous. Matthew and Becka fight, while Thomas has no idea what just happened. I don’t like this possessive side Matthew is showing. After Matthew storms out, he confesses he was seeing Becka. Thomas thinks JP letting Becka down with the studio money could be motive for murder, and he’s not wrong. JP was at the pub the night he died, according to Thomas. But we know JP didn’t drink, so why would he be in a pub? If Becka and Matthew continue their relationship, I have a feeling it's going to end in tears.

In the past, Eva and Bibi feel horrible about accidentally poisoning Oscar and have got a kitten for Blanaid. Becka pitches her studio idea to JP, who is 100% in and willing to support Becka. Eva shows up with the kitten, saying it’s from all the aunties for Blanaid – though Becka feels left out of the decision. Grace and Blanaid are thrilled to see the kitten. JP is not, but allows them to keep it. Knowing what JP is like, I’m scared for that kitten! Friendly neighbor Roger knocks on the front door, but JP ignores him. He goes around the back and finds Grace and Becka, and they talk about Becka’s new venture. Roger suggests Grace be front of house, but JP nixes the idea as he doesn’t want Grace working outside the home… outside his control. He watches Roger return home from his upstairs office and googles Roger’s church group. It seems JP has decided to ruin Roger’s life next.

Fed up with their plans failing, Bibi suggests cutting JP’s aorta, which is vetoed. Ursula is stressed to the max. Becka shows up to announce she’s signed the lease on her studio. Realizing JP gave Becka the money, none of the sisters are happy for her. Becka takes Eva’s champagne and leaves since the sisters are being downers. I feel like they could’ve been way more supportive of Becka here. Being the youngest, they often leave her out of things and now they can’t even muster some enthusiasm for a big life decision on Becka’s part. Becka sends a photo to the family group text, pointedly thanking Grace and JP for their support. She then visits JP’s mother, who tells Becka JP drowned frogs as a child. Charming. JP’s mother isn’t entirely lucid, and mistakes Becka for Laura, JP’s dead sister. Did JP kill his own sister? He suddenly appears from nowhere and sees Becka looking at the photo albums, and Becka makes a hasty exit. I REALLY want to know what happened to Laura.

Later at home, Grace shows JP the thank you message from Becka. He’s unbothered. Then tells Grace she’s mistaken. He can’t give Becka money and never said he would (HE DID) and he tells Grace to inform Becka she won’t be getting the money. JP is a manipulative bastard. I can see how Becka joins the murder plot. The ever-dutiful wife, Grace does as she’s told. Becka is beyond angry. I’m so sad for Becka, she was so excited about her studio and JP deliberately led her on to crush her dream. Becka copes by getting drunk at a bus stop and tells Ursula about JP screwing her over. Ursula confesses her affair to Becka. So now Grace is the only one that doesn’t know about Ben.

Eva takes a chance at work and asks colleague Gabriel out to lunch. They have a great time, and he’s clearly no fan of JP. Gabriel calls JP racist, misogynistic, and tells Eva the JP stole a cubicle in the gender-neutral toilets by making a sign. Really, JP? Come on, man. There’s a work quiz that night which requires partners and Gabriel says JP asked every man in the office to be his partner. Nobody said yes, so JP is partnered with Grace. Bibi and Eva are partners. They end up being the only 2 teams left standing. They have to hum a tune while their partner guesses. Eva hums, Bibi guesses correct. Grace hums, JP gets it wrong and blames Grace as he’s embarrassed. It was a song played at their wedding and he doesn’t remember. I hate to think how JP is going to treat Grace when they get home. JP tells Gerald he let the women win and that Eva’s on her seventh gin (she’s not) because he’s a bitter loser. Becka arrives, drunk, and hits JP in the bathroom. He pins her against the wall. Bibi shows up to back Becka up, then tells him to leave. Eva shows up as he does so. JP getting aggressive and putting his hands on not just Grace but Becka has the sisters seeing red. I really love Bibi’s willingness to fight for her sisters. Eventually, I hope we learn how she lost her eye.

The sisters find themselves at Eva’s house once again. Ursula tells Bibi and Eva what JP to her. Becka says JP is ruining people’s lives and should be underground. Welcome to club murder, Becka! Eva is angry at what JP has done to Ursula, and leaves to confront him at his home. She tells him to come outside, snatches his phone and smashes it against the side of the boat. She cries as she leaves, truly fed up. In the meantime, Bibi and Ursula have told Becka everything. Eva is unhappy as she’s trying to protect Becka, but it’s too late: Becka is in.

This episode really let Becka (Eve Hewson) shine more as she called her sisters out for keeping things from her. We learned more about her life and backstory, and I hope Becka visits JP’s mother again in future as she definitely has more to tell.

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