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Power Book III: Raising Kanan - Episode 2.01 - The More Things Change - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
pbk2-201-080921-0190-a.th.jpg pbk2-201-072621-0345-a.th.jpg pbk2-201-080521-0374-a.th.jpg pbk2-201-080521-0443-a.th.jpg pbk2-201-072621-0333-a.th.jpg pbk2-201-072221-0422-a.th.jpg pbk2-201-080521-0146-a.th.jpg pbk2-201-080521-0367-a.th.jpg pbk2-201-080921-0341-a.th.jpg pbk2-201-080921-0023-a-1.th.jpg pbk2-201-080921-0174-a.th.jpg pbk2-201-072921-0050-a.th.jpg pbk2-201-080921-0125-a.th.jpg pbk2-201-072921-0257-a.th.jpg pbk2-201-072821-0182-a.th.jpg pbk2-201-072621-0189-a.th.jpg pbk2-201-072221-0331-a.th.jpg
Press Release
Kanan returns to Queens where Raq is trying to mend the many fractures in the Thomas family.

As Raq expands her empire, Kanan doubts his future in the drug game. Meanwhile, Detective

Howard is released from the hospital.