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Industry - 2.04 - There Are Some Women... - Review

We could all feel this was coming but oh, Eric. Industry's latest episode showcases the downfall of one of Pierpoint's former stars, amongst other power plays, and it's not pretty.

The writing was on the wall, I suppose, when Danny joined the UK team to evaluate its performance, and in episode 2 when he mentioned "soft quarters". Harper rightly asked whether the team was, or Eric was. As we now know, it was Eric who hasn't been pulling his weight, and Pierpoint doesn't do half measures. After an agonizing few days duing which we progressively learn that Eric's been on vacation (didn't seem planned), hasn't come back in time to do the annual compensation meetings which have been taken over by Danny, and is leaving for New-York without telling anyone in the UK office until he calls from there. And what a call... he basically (emptily) threatens Danny that his job in the UK is just about over.

We also learn that Eric had a mentor in the NY office, who died not long ago. Finding out the mentor treated Eric like crap gives some insight into how he operates with his own mentees, especially as a member of a minority, constantly belittled by a man who, apparently, owns a MAGA cap. Which tells us everything he needs to know. Also unexpected, Eric and Newmans's wife used to sleep together before they got married, and apparently still have a certain spark between them. It might be the only way Eric gets some kind of revenge, since shortly after, he gets apraised of the real situation in his team, and not just his own rearrangement. Eric starts off strong, using his usual fiery bravado and blaming Danny for a lot of things, including how much he costs. Soon enough though, the NY manager tells him, plainly and simply, that while is team is indeed doing great, he's the one who is dragging them down for the past year. Most chilling moment? When Danny turns out to be on speakerphone in the actual room, and they jointly inform Eric he's being "promoted" to an office job, in a section in which Eric won't have any reach over the floor. I have to wonder though, how Eric could get things so spectacularly wrong. Could he really have not realized how badly he was doing? Was it the delusions of grandeur, and automatically thinking his team's success would be assimilated as his? Regardless, it's over.
Also (seemingly) over are Yasmin's attempts at getting her father to place his money at Pierpoint. Maxim tries to dissuade her, finally telling her to talk to her father. Who, in very guarded phrasing, tells her he's basically being exorted by many, many women. They're still wealthy though, so Yasmin can carry on forgetting about pay day, bonuses, and dream about many more sets of white pajamas (I'll admit while I can't relate on the money thing, I can absolutely on the "obsessed with a particular type of confinement garment, make it fashion from home").

More disillusion on Rob's side, as he realizes from Harper's throwaway comment about Nicole "keeping it professionnal" that he isn't special to Nicole, and more importantly that he should've immediately shut it down. He's back to not taking (or making) calls, and Danny calls him out. Speaking of Danny, the inevitable happens and he and Harper hook up. It's not all glitz and romance though, since Harper then calls Jesse in the middle of the night, and basically goes against Danny's plans. Screwing coworkers over is Pierpoint's MO, clearly. Jesse, who doesn't really like Danny (or understand why he invited himself to dinner), follows Harper, of course. Their relationship is disturbing, despite the woman in the car with him during the call, I get the impression there's something more happening here. (Which, ugh)
The grass isn't always greener elsewhere though, as Gus has to deal with literal shit in a box, a boss who dismisses his initiatives, and a fairly angry man he has to talk down. On the bright side, he's sleeping with Jesse's son, despite the risk to Harper's reputation.

All in all, a solid episode, which should mark a turn in the season, considering Eric's demotion. As usual, sound off in the comments!

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