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Chesapeake Shores - Night and Day - Review

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This season really started off by focussing on two main storylines, leaving the others behind. Especially this episode I really missed to see what the others were up to. How are David and Jess handling the situation with the press at their B&B, and where are Kevin and Sarah? I am starting to wonder if the gast has gotten too big to really cover and tell what they want. On a positive note, one of my favourite moments this episode was when Caitlyn asked Connor about being popular in middle school.

Connor’s ‘jailbreak’
We can really start to feel Connors frustration with everyone and not being able to live on his own two weeks after he has had his heart attack. Mick is afraid if he pushes too much now he will end up like Micks father. Connor on the other hand wants to make a run for it and tries to come up with a plan. He asks Margaret, who only gets called by her last name Keller in this episode, to be his getaway driver. She also isn’t convinced yet.

Then at night Connor decides to go through with his plan since everyone is away, and after having walked a bit he is getting picked up by Margaret. At Connors place they start talking, about the Bar exam and her future. When start making out they soon start to wonder if this might be too soon after the events. They both find websites stating something different but decide to wait. Since Margaret tells Connor she loves him and doesn’t want to be the one that kills him. After that they end up talking all night.

The third date
Even though they agreed it was a work thing, I think we can all agree this was a pretty successful third date. Every year Evan organises a scavenger hunt for the Kincaid Group as a teambuilding activity. Evan himself doesn’t join in anymore because he is bored of it. Abby decide to convince him of doing hit anyway and after a bit of bickering he gives in stating it is a work thing and not a third date. They get a briefcase with instructions, locations to visit and things to do, phones and gps are not allowed. They get highly competitive and decide that they should win this.

One of the tasks is to share secrets with one and other. Evan is holding back on this, so they will skip this for later. They have to switch drivers though, which Evan is hesitant about, nervous even. When the tire pops he is done with the game, it triggered something in him. By the time Abby has changed the popped tire, because she is a kid of Mick O’Brien, Evan decides he wants to finish the game. Abby asks him why he doesn’t like driving because she cares about him and sees it is really affecting him. Later we find out because his mom died in a car accident.

At last they race to the final part, a playground when they are sharing their excitement about finishing they spontaneously kiss. Wondering why there is nobody there, they hear sounds coming form another playground and realise they ended up at the wrong one and didn’t win. But Evan says I think we kind of did win.

The talk
Meghan invites Mick over for dinner and decides it is time to have the conversation they gave been putting off for 20 years. This makes Mick worried. After dinner they start talking, Meghan tells about her exes and wants to hear Mick tell about Martha. This ends in a fight between the two. Who knew rhubarb pie can solve any fight.

Luke has a broken pipeline in his apartment, when he hears from his landlord that it won’t be fixed until the next day, he needs to find a place to sleep. He tells Bree and suggest a hotel. Girl why don’t you offer him your couch?

Later we find out she did offer him his couch, This results in an awkward situation for a while and even more when Bree sees him shirtless. In the middle of the night Luke wakes op screaming form a nightmare. Embarrassed he says this was a mistake and wants to leave. Bree stops him and tells him that it is okay to have nightmares. He doesn’t because he has them all the time and wants to go through one night without having one. Even though Luke thinks he is alone in this, Bree says he isn’t, not anymore at least. He eventually ends up sleeping on her lap while she reads a book.

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