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Tom Swift - Episode 1.09 - … And the Night to Remember - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
TS109a_0181r-eeba4dd1b80416e4.th.jpg TS109a_0336r-83a57b420d11ecee.th.jpg TS109a_0050r-137949e559409b6b.th.jpg TS109a_0306r-288beefc13e38ea9.th.jpg TS109b_0190r-d53bc0982953fcf5.th.jpg TS109a_0074r-ec075d47b5d0807b.th.jpg TS109a_0127r-47bdcc123212e5b4.th.jpg TS109b_0457r-0db58951c74c49cf.th.jpg
Press Release
… And the Night to Remember

07/26/2022 9:00pm

DINNER PARTY – Tom (Tian Richards) continues his search for the last capsule piece which leads him to an interesting situation with Susannah (guest star Elizabeth Cappuchino). He also learns some information about his childhood that he was never supposed to know. Meanwhile, Zenzi (Ashleigh Murray) and Isaac (Marquise Vilsón) uncover Congressmen Eskol’s (guest star Ward Horton) hidden agenda.

Andi Behring directed the episode written by Erika Harrison (#109).

Original airdate 7/26/2022.