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The Chi - Episode 5.07 - Angels - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
TheChi_507_1937_R-80c1ad846cd760c7.th.jpg TheChi_507_1924_R-461dc010bae1ec11.th.jpg TheChi_507_1865_R-4355ca324f40af54.th.jpg TheChi_507_1708_R-106d67c3a373b3cc.th.jpg TheChi_507_1462_R-d0f893e5aac0b917.th.jpg TheChi_507_0515_R-8c62d44520fdd361.th.jpg TheChi_507_0159_R-5975b6b8e4eaf5de.th.jpg TheChi_507_0777_R-1087f89dbe567292.th.jpg TheChi_507_1366_R-acf8f11b27c1d6f9.th.jpg
Press Release
Original Air Date: Aug 7, 2022

Emmett and Tiff must unite as co-parents after learning unexpected news about their son. Kiesha gets advice from her counselor. Kevin struggles to balance dating and his gaming competitions. A shocking event leaves Jemma, Papa and Jake to deal with the aftermath.