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Koala Man - Sarah Snook and Demi Lardner Join Cast

Sarah Snook (Succession) and Australian comedian Demi Lardner have joined the cast of the upcoming Hulu animated comedy series Koala Man, it was announced during the show’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday.

Snook plays Vicky, who thinks her husband Kevin is just going through a phase. While she tolerates Koala Man, she hopes Kevin will snap out of whatever bizarre mid-life crisis he’s going through. Vicky sincerely loves Kevin for his reliability, but now that his Koala Man duties are making him less reliable, Vicky’s questioning if settling down was the right choice. She sees how dedicated Kevin is to being Koala Man and, as the school canteen lady, feels like she’s missing having a passion in life.

Lardner portrays Alison, Liam’s 35-seconds-older twin, who has an almost sociopathic preoccupation with being popular. Ruthlessly intelligent, determined, and manipulative, Alison knows exactly how many followers you have on IG. She’s got a list of all the coolest kids and a plan to destroy them so she can rise the ranks. To do so, Alison tries to distance herself from Liam, Vicky, and Koala Man, staying laser-focused on becoming The Most Powerful Girl in School.


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