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In the Dark - Episode 4.07 - C.I. Was Right - Promo, BTS and Promotional Photos + Press Release

BTS and Promotional Photos
ITD406b_0965r-b14e7511915c761d.th.jpg ITD406a_0151r-4c404bf72064d47c.th.jpg ITD406b_1031r-a4b48f6e5a930538.th.jpg ITD406a_0525r-857aecbc8474a88f.th.jpg ITD406a_0239r-c5d639c26576780a.th.jpg ITD406b_0073r-f8bd471d06ca813d.th.jpg ITD406b_0065r-97da98a2a4e72b2b.th.jpg ITD406b_0033r-776b24dea8a7bb01.th.jpg ITD406a_0226r-808e3849eacd8651.th.jpg

Press Release
"C.I. Was Right" - (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) (TV-14, DLV) (HDTV)

MORGAN KRANTZ DIRECTS - Murphy (Perry Mattfeld) follows through on the deal she made and finds herself partnered up with someone who she'd rather not have to spend time with. Meanwhile, Max (Casey Deidrich) is left reeling after the mess he made during Murphy's trial. Morgan Krantz directed the episode written Amy Turner & Anna Fisher (#406). Original airdate 07/25/2022.