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Grey's Anatomy - Out for Blood / You are the Blood - Review: The Start of an Era

I personally felt like these last two episodes of season 18 were a memorial. A memorial for what Meredith was before. For what the whole team of doctors was before. I really felt the 400-episode vibes. Ending it all with a glimpse of what we’ll see in the season 19 premiere, how things will change.


The two-part season finale started with Meredith dreaming of performing surgery (a complicated one), connecting with what I call her inner voice (with the face of her mother Ellis). Like Meredith talking to herself through her mother. Because that’s what I felt for most of these two episodes. Like we see two Meredith fighting each other to “get out” and make the right decision. But…was there a right decision? Her case in this episode is very very delicate, both on a medical level and on a personal level, and she knows. Meredith and Nick tried to find a way to operate on the woman with pancreatic cancer. Their idea of an ex-vivo surgery could’ve been good but Richard said they would put the residency program on the line performing a complicated surgery like this one. 

Meredith didn’t listen to him and still tried to operate on the patient, with fairly unsuccessful results, all with Richard and the program examiner watching her every step of the way. With the blood-shedding that happened, she and Nick had to close the patient up and bring her to the ICU, untreated. And Richard pointed out he specifically told them not to perform the surgery but she did it anyway because all she could think is her opinion. And honestly… I kinda felt there was more to it than the surgery outcomes. All the conversation pointed out her choice of leaving Seattle with Nick and the kids. And I’m sorry for everyone who said she was selfish for that. She wasn’t selfish at all. She could’ve handled the choices about the surgery differently? Yes. She could’ve made a different choice about moving away with Nick? Absolutely not. She gave everything to that hospital, and as much as she considers them family, she has her own family. She had it back when Derek was alive, and she has it now. And if her career (and love for Nick) brings her away then: good for her. But, on the other hand, I also agree with Nick saying she’s probably insecure about leaving, which is normal, as he said. That hospital raised her to be the woman she is now. She met her husband there, she met her sister Lexie, and she met all of the people who love and support her right now. And I love how Nick gets that...he’s so empathetic and respectful and caring with her. I see he’s meant for her. Her end scene for this season, with all the flashbacks of her life, was so powerful. Something is starting here. We are leaving part of the old Meredith and we’re welcoming a totally different era. And she said it. She said: “The end of an era is easier said than done.” It’s like seeing her younger self gave strength to start on her next challenge: rebuilding everything. Herself, her relationship, the hospital. And no, I’m not worried about the fight with Nick, as I said, he’s very caring (and it’s rare).

What I hope for next season: I wanna see her rebuild the hospital from scratch. Being chief is something she was meant to be the end, and she’s finally there. And it’ll be a rollercoaster, and I think at the end of this she will definitely go away. This is her ultimate storyline. On Meredith and Nick, I don’t have much to say…I think they’ll reunite in the first episode of season 19, I don’t we’ll have much angst or drama between them. They’re adults and they love each other and I think that’s enough.


In these episodes, we saw her trying to save the program while facing a global emergency – the lack of blood is some serious problem – and the way she tried to fix it works. At least temporarily. Besides the global blood emergency and the work she put into fixing the resident program and hiring new attendees, she had to deal with Owen and Teddy’s felony. And let me tell you, I think she handled it with power and grace. There are two choices in this case: protecting the ones you care about or doing the right thing. And she did the right thing by reporting them to the police. She handled it perfectly but…she really didn’t deserve the way Owen treated her. The lack of respect and loyalty was too much. (And I don’t he would’ve liked it if someone did something like this when he was Chief.) She - and I - reached THE point when the blood-shedding happened. I swore she was about to have a heart attack when that happened. How can someone sustain all this? And the residency program is closed on the same day? I think that anyone would lose their minds after a day like that. To be honest…her leaving the office for good was like…breathing some fresh hair. She’s finally thinking about herself this time and I’m glad.

What I hope for next season: We all know Bailey has been the pillar of this show, and these two episodes have proven it in literally every scene, but as I’ve incessantly said, his woman needs a break. She’s a badass, she’s always been one, but I can’t take it anymore. She needs to go away. And I can tell you this: I hope she works on what Schmidt said to her, on reverting these stereotypes about gay people’s blood. I hope she puts her knowledge on this, trying to fight the system (with Schmidt's help of course). Like she promised. She’s gonna do great things next season (and I may be crying just by writing this).


In these episodes we see Richard dealing with the residency program crumbling in front of him. At the beginning of episode 18.19, he and Bailey welcomed the program examiner, saying they tried to improve all the issues previously reported, without mentioning Meredith’s intention to go away. I understand why they did it but…it was stupid. Honesty should be the most important thing in a case like this. He had a dispute with both Meredith and Nick about the risk of performing surgery on a delicate patient on such an important day - with the residency program being at stake. He felt betrayed when he saw her performing the surgery either way and most importantly lost his credibility once the program examiner overheard a resident talking about Meredith leaving…which resulted in another ugly argument between him and Meredith. On a good note, he had happy moments too, when Amelia informed both him and Katherine that her tumor is shrinking, so she’ll live. He’s been so dismissed this season I literally cried seeing him finally so happy with Katherine. He deserves anything in the world. At the end of the episode, we see Richard and Katherine walking home together, clearly happy, and then we learn from Jackson that they are going on vacation…and I’m so glad. They deserve it.

What I hope for next season: I really don’t know what to think about his storyline for next season. I think he will help Meredith adjust to her new role and will help her rebuild the program (maybe with the old methods he used when she was a resident? I am seeing something like that). I also hope to see more of him and Katherine.


In the first scene with Maggie and Winston in this episode, we see them fighting over what Winston’s brother did to her. Winston’s line about Maggie not understanding fully because she doesn’t have real sisters left me…perplexed? “You didn’t grow up with them”? Really? I mean, I like the man, from the first time we saw him, but…the three sisters have gone through so much together it actually feels they grow up together? At least in their adult life. But I also agree with Amelia when she said adult sisters (like her, Meredith, and Amelia) don’t get under your skin like you’re actually siblings. In one of their final scenes of episode 19, she asks him “what’s your blood type?” saying she’s his wife and she finds it absurd she doesn’t know his blood type. She says she feels like they knew each other better before, during COVID, when their relationship was long-distance. Like she doesn’t know him enough, and she questions if they got married too quickly. I think this was such a sweet and thoughtful scene. They didn’t have many scenes together in episode 20, but the one they had at the end was worth the lack of scenes during the episode. Winston said “I never said I love you before I said it to you. […] I didn’t say I love to you lightly, I didn’t propose to you lightly” to Maggie, changing the course of what happened in episode 19. They understood they have to protect what they have and they will have to work on this relationship and on getting to know each other.

What I hope for next season: I hope they do what they said in their last scene…I hope they protect what they have but they also take time to deepen their relationship and get to know each other. Also, for Maggie, I want something big. A new experimental study, a new role in the hospital, I don’t know…I want something more than just her relationship with Winston (which I like).


I can’t believe a “simple” experimental study, which gave her the fame she deserved all along (so, congrats Amelia!), also gave Amelia genuine and pure love. I swear I’ve loved the storyline with Kai. Their storyline started in such a genuine way…no particular drama at the beginning of their story, no angst. They had respect for each other as professionals, they started understanding each other more…and it turned into something more in a very sweet way. Also, they have so much chemistry. I haven’t seen Amelia having this much chemistry with…anyone. I also haven’t seen her being so blatantly in love with someone. And I was sad to see Amelia going through another break up again, although I can say she dealt with it in a very mature way. I’ve seen her mature in this relationship a lot. But I got Kai’s POV on this…and I get them. I mean, they like Amelia, but I think everyone wouldn’t freak out a little bit knowing that dating her, and getting very serious with her, would also mean getting involved with her child. It’s natural. But I’m glad they thought about it, apparently a lot, and changed their minds. That’s what love is, in the end. Also… I’m so glad Amelia and Like found some “peace” in her relationship. So glad. I wanna see them being friends.

What I hope for next season: I really wanna see Amelia and Kai grow together, and know each other better - good and bad. I think we’ve already stated they have so much potential as a couple but…how are they gonna deal with the long-distance thing?


Given the blood shortage the US (and the whole world too in real life) is facing, Bailey asks every resident and attending to try donating blood. And while every single resident actively participates, Schmidt has to take a step back because as US law states, a gay man who has had an active sex life in the past 5 months before the donation, is not qualified to donate. He feels helpless and frankly angry knowing this, and points it out to Bailey, saying his blood is worth like everyone else’s. Bailey agrees with him, of course, and she apologizes to him saying that if it was something she could control, she would. Beware every person, of every gender and sexuality, in any part of the world, gets tested for any disease and STD ever before donating. So, him being sexually active is NOT risk for whoever gets that blood. This is pure and utter homophobia made law. And it’s shameful.

What I hope for next season: I want to see him fighting for his rights on screen just like he did in the last two episodes of season 19. It’s time for his character to step up a little more and be even more centered than he is (especially about the community).


In these episodes we see a man coming to the hospital looking for Owen, and asking him for drugs to help him k*ll his wife, saying she was a veteran, she was in so much pain and wanted to d*e. When Owen refused, and actually find a more legal solution (bringing them to Washington and filing paperwork to get the man’s wife an assisted medical death) the guy started to attack Owen and Teddy, saying they were soldiers too, and they should’ve understood. After this he went to Bailey and report Owen, causing them to not only give their resignation but also escape from the police/FBI, trying to not get caught. Listen, I’m not an Owen fan. And I’m definitely not a fan of the storyline he got this season, so I’ll keep it short. I have two POVs on this. One side thinks what he did was UNETHICAL but understandable, given what Owen has seen in the war zone. He did it because he knew what pain and suffering meant for those people, and he tried to make it better without even thinking of the implications. The other part of me thinks he’s incredibly stupid and, empathy or not, no one with a clear mind would’ve risked not only their lives, their family - remember those two have children - and their JOBS like this. Also, his line “I did right by them” sounded like a god complex, but… He could’ve found a way to help them in a legal and ethical way, but - as always - he found a loophole. He always finds a loophole. So, I’m perplexed about this whole thing. Not to mention the fact he and Teddy have CHILDREN to take care of and it’s so absurd she even condoned his actions. I’m sorry but that’s my take on this whole mess. And as I’m talking about Teddy can we just say justifying Owen’s actions by saying to Bailey that Ben could’ve done the same was the most disrespectful thing coming out of her mouth in this episode?

What I hope for next season: I don’t know what to hope for, honestly. But I’m curious to see what’s gonna happen next…will we see them as they try to escape and hide? We will never see them again (unlikely but still a possibility)? Or they’ll get caught and will face a trial and probably a life sentence? But my most important question on this is…what about those poor kids? I’m really shocked.


Now…we have to talk about Jo’s storyline. Her first scene in the two-part finale started with the guy she’s been dating, she clearly seems uncomfortable around him. And her storyline in these 80-ish minutes pretty much revolved around her capability on taking the next step. The guy was sweet, he really was, but he was a little too much for Jo. I don’t think she’s ready for a relationship. ANY relationship. She needs to feel a little more confident about herself, she needs to understand how to trust someone (for real) again. Yes, she trusts like because she knew him already…but she’s definitely not ready to trust a stranger. Especially with Luna, and her career, I think she needs to take a step back from the whole relationship thing. And the fact she repeated over and over again how he was “a lot”, and complained about every move he made, proves my point. At the end of episode 20, Jo and Link accidentally met at daycare, and they talked about how much they meant to each other, being best friends. And Jo asked him to go home with her and the kids to watch Encanto, again. It was such a touching moment. I'm glad they found a compromise in their friendship because I liked it. It was great, they were so supportive of each other, always.

What I hope for next season: I want to see her focusing solely on herself, her career, and her baby. And I know some of you want her with Link, I know, and I can see your point but…She needs a break, she needs to be alone and work on herself and her mental health. She went through so much in the past what? 9 seasons? She barely had a break since she showed up the first time.


Part two of the season finale started with Jackson reciting his eulogy for her mother to her, April, and Harriet. So good to see them all reunite. They literally came back to save the day, April saving the hospital from attendees shortage and Jackson saving the residents program. That’s so good to have them back. So good seeing April covering the pit again. And her conversation with Amelia about love coming back around was the sweetest thing. I loved this sisterhood moment. About Jackson running the foundation, I can say I like it. He’s good at it. And the way he confronted Meredith about her leaving wasn’t necessarily totally bad. He got a point.

Now…the most important thing: JAPRIL!!!! They kissed in the elevator. After years of pain and angst, they’re finally endgame. They deserve it, but most importantly…WE DESERVED IT.

What I hope for next season: I mean I don’t think there’s anything to hope for…because I don’t think they’ll be back anytime soon (except, maybe, another episode? Considering Jackson said he would've been more present with the rebuilding of the residency program). Also...there's an attendings shortage. Maybe they'll bring them back until everything settles? We'll see. But I mean, what we got is enough. I’m happy like this.

What did you think about the episodes? What are your expectations and hopes for next season? Let me know in the comments! 


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